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would you believe my mother and her husband live in Wilmington.  She and I spoke yesterday, and she informed me that she and Gary were going to evacuate to Fla for a few days.   She lives on a Canal off the coast.   I am Shocked!  She just texted me saying "Gary and I are hunkering down and going to ride this one out at home".  Ugh... I hope that she hasn't made a mistake.  Something tells me that there will be flooding (to say the least) where she lives.  I am 100 miles inland, and I am still concerned having taken in all my outdoor furniture and gone to the grocery store (which as a MadHouse) to stock up for time potentially without Power.  What was the biggest natural disaster that you have ever lived though?  I don't mean "been alive when it happened", I mean been there!

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I have been watching the reports on this and I'm scared for you all.

I have never lived through a natural disaster because I've never been near one  but it doesn't stop me being scared for  folk that have/are.

Hope you are all safe and get through it..

Peace through peace.

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I'm glad you got the outside furniture in. That's a relief.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Hurricane Hugo was a rough experience 1989. Our home was one of the only houses not damaged. 

We are in NC as well and staying home. We are about 150 miles inland. I'm not worried yet as it has been down graded to a CAT 3. 

But, we had hurricane Matthew in 2016 and experience a tremendous amount of flooding and two major roads that get me out of my neighborhood, washed out. I don't want to go through that again. Lumberton, NC was basically underwater if you remember.


yeah I was  supposed to be conducting a training in Lumberton all week this week... it was canceled.   Further flooding is still expected.


I was worried about you! Thank you for responding and that tells me you're ok. The training will come at a later date and I'm sure you'll be ready.

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Hurricane Sandy was the worst natural disaster I had been through, never saw anything like it. Wind was very strong and it rained heavily  all night. We were without power for 13 days. It was October and very cold. My neighbors large tree limb fell onto my driveway and that was one huge problem. We kept candles on at night around strategic places where nothing could get to them and then blow them.out when we slept. 

About 3 or 4 days after the storm, I took a drive around town and neighboring towns. It was a disaster;  trees were pulled out of the ground and laying across streets, lawns, and even across a ramp-bridge in town. Telephone wires were down. Some homes were destroyed by trees. Days later, the library was open and it had a generator. We headed there to get on computers to see what was going on in the rest of the world. And we were so bored at home, all we could do was read.  Halloween was naturally cancelled, and school was cancelled for about 2 or even 3 weeks.  So many people lost their homes, was the worst part. It was very tragic.

I will never forget that storm!

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Oh, my!  I am sorry they are in harm's way and did not evacuate in time.  I join you in worrying and hoping and praying for their safety!

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Hurricane Ike! Even tho we were hundreds of miles inland, we had 90 mph winds for 24 hrs. Trees were knocked down which resulted in power and phone lines coming down! Not even cell phone use! Power and phones were out for 10 days in 90 degree heat! But no rain or flooding luckily! My mom was 90 yrs old and over heated! Grocery’s closed, traffic lights out! The whole tri-state was shut down! Luckily we had food and water. Toilets flushed and we took cold showers! Later gas stations opened and we could buy ice, soft drinks,chips and packages of pastries of snacks! No washing clothes as the dryer didn’t work without power! It was a colossal pain in the ass! But nothing compared to flooding! Right afterwards we bought a natural gas generator! We have used it many times each year! Best investment ever!

Take care keep safe!

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I just bought a whole-home Generac.  Some of  my neighbors have them and swear by then.   I did lose power for a day, but I am okay.


Good to know you are safe! We bought the big Generac. It runs the whole house AC/heat, refrigerator, freezer and computer!

We looove ours! It runs on natural gas, no need to go out in the snow or rain storm to fill with gasoline!

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A few tornado's, a forest fire and and other minor inconveniences.  Will keep my fingers crossed for you

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Hope she stays safe I'm just outside of Wilmington myself, currently things aren't too bad here but Carolina Beach and Southport  south and north of us were getting walloped. The winds are picking up now. As far as biggest natural disaster mostly I've been through a few ice storms and Nor'Easters. 

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I've never been through hurricanes. I've only experienced massive ice storms & a couple of tornadoes because of where I live (Michigan). 

Man, I hope you and your family remain safe throughout this enormous situation.

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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Sending well-wishes to you and your family that you all stay safe! This storm looks really awful and I feel so badly for everyone who has to go through this.  What a scary thing...

I am extremely fortunate to never have been impacted by a natural disaster. Arizona is not really prone to them, unless you live in a flash-flood plane (which I don't.)  I grew up in Chicago and I remember numerous times we had tornado warnings and neighboring suburbs had  twister touchdowns that caused a lot of damage. But... none that ever affected the town where we lived.

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I rode it out through Hurricanes Gloria (1985), Bertha (1996) and Fran (1996) back home in Jacksonville, NC.  A tornado in Oklahoma (1999) and S. Dakota (2000).

My family evacuated to the outskirts of Raleigh, as well as Virginia for Florence.  I only hope that they have homes to come back to when it's over.  I have a friend who lives in a trailer, and he said the most damage he suffered was some downed tree limbs and a minor roof leak.

So far, so good, I guess, but the aftermath hasn't really started.

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everyone has my prayers

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