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Probably right now the Scotland woman's soccer team. They qualified for the World Cup unlike the men who just take us to total humiliation.

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San Jose Sharks

Padres, because my friend's son is on the team.

Raiders, but only the old Stabler Raiders.

Charlie Finley's A's.

It's all superficial reasons, but oh well.

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let's just say that it is me vs. Lav on October 3.  The question is, is the game here, or there?  Lol

I am also a Carolina panthers and bulls fan

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Hahah  this should be good.  I hope I am home to watch if it airs here.


It certainly will.  If not on ESPN, the game will probably be on Fox.  Probably 8 pm, (5 your time)


Oh good.  I am looking forward to it!


I heard on the radio this morning that Ron Darling was doing the wild card game.  Ron Darling doing the game means the game will be on TBS.  He works for TBS.  So it will be Wednesday night at 8  (5 your time) most likely.  The magic number is one now, so if the yankees win 1 more game or Oakland loses another, the game will be played in NY


That is great, I cannot wait.  Thank you so much for the heads up.   I don't even mind who wins, I am just anxious to see Joey pitch.  He's been doing pretty well for his first season. I have known his family since I was in 5th grade...they are like family to me, but I always forget to get info on his games.   I appreciate it, CG, thank you!


Joey is on the Padres, they are playing the A's.  I am not certain if he gets another start before the end of the season, but I can check, if you would like


Joey pitches Saturday against the Diamondbacks


OH perfect, thank you for checking! 


you are welcome

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