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Now if he would  just leave the NATO alliance that would be perfect. Then we don't have to get involved in his shit, especially now he is going after "gina".

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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God I fucking hate him and his fascist agenda. He uses the Constitution for toilet paper and the assholes applaud him. I've never been so ashamed - or worried -  to be an American. We have a tin-foil-hat wearing, dictator-wannabe, money-laundering, mentally deficient, racist, sexist ignoramous as our leader and his policies are going to affect us for decades to come. It's unimaginable. I hope his supporters don't act surprised when their kids get cancer from toxins Trump's buddies dumped in their drinking water. 

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And I hope the men and post menopausal woman don't get to much st it from the young woman who's rights have been denied.


GB, the only thing - the ONLY thing - that helps me cope is the absolute faith that this is a last-gasp backlash against the last 50 years of progress. The terrified old white guys and the women who are desperate for their approval, are making one last stand - the final push back - against equality for women, gays, and "brown people." Eventually things will come back around. There is no way it can't. I may not live to see it, but it WILL happen. The changing demographics are undeniable. 

I don't know who said this, but it's absolutely true ~ "Privilege views equality as persecution."


JPT at first I gave his supporters the benefit of the doubt, he is a master con man and they fell for it. My theory has precedence in Jonestown how Americans were brainwashed..

Then I saw with my own eyes Trump mocking a woman who had been sexually assaulted and feared for her life. I watched in horror while his acolytes cheered and clapped. I saw two young boys in that crowd  who, at their age will understand nothing about sex hear their leader tell them that they can do anything and get away with it because HE has been accused.

That's the moment of clarity, that's when I knew that anyone else watching that and still supporting this pile of turd need to have their moral compass adjusted.

I am not a partisan, I don't live in America and don't have a vote, so they can't used that excuse.


When I woke up from a nightmare that he had won,  and found the nightmare was a reality,  I knew we had to buckle up for the ride. 

    How the hell did he win? 


Amy because of your quirky election  rules. He lost the vote.


"...Then I saw with my own eyes Trump mocking a woman who had been sexually assaulted and feared for her life. I watched in horror while his acolytes cheered and clapped."

GB, I've been reading about Trump for nearly 30 years. I've known he was an amoral pig with absolutely no redeeming qualities for that long. (My apologies to pigs everywhere for the insult.) When he ran for office, his entire platform based on hate, ugliness, self-interest, misogyny, racism, greed and boorishness, it just confirmed what I already knew. When he took up the "birther" cause, it didn't surprise me one bit. He and his policies appeal to the lowest, most vile qualities in people. I thought his mockery of the disabled reporter would be the end of him. Then I thought the Access Hollywood debacle ("the grab 'em by the pussy" tape)  would be the kiss of death. I was - and still am, to a certain extent - shocked and appalled that so many Americans share his repugnant, evil, venomous ideals. 

But he is temporary. His kind is ALWAYS temporary.  I think decency will win in the end. I may not see it in my lifetime, but I have no doubt it will happen. 


Yes he is temporary in office but America will never be rid of him, he will always be the lingering stench 

You can roll a shite in glitter and polish it up but it will always be a shite.


I agree.  But one day he WILL just be a lingering stench and not an active offensive, sulfer-spewing fumerole.  


The President has no respect for such juvenile and foul demeanor and language... as a proud American, we are bigger than that.  


"How did he win?"  I find it hard to believe that you democrats are STILL reveling in doubt and self-pity!  He WON because this is a DEMOCRACY!


"The President has no respect for such juvenile and foul demeanor and language... "

The president has elevated  "juvenile and foul demeanor and language" into an art form.

"He WON because this is a DEMOCRACY!"


I would enter a link that you provide, but I do not trust Democrats with a 10 foot pole...


WF, listen very carefully,, you are reinforcing the fact that America has gone mad.


why are we doing so well then?  why does THE WORLD want to come here??


"I would enter a link that you provide, but I do not trust Democrats with a 10 foot pole..."

Projection much? 

It's the National Review. If you don't want to use my link, just google the site. It's conservative paradise. 


"why are we doing so well then? " 

The economy has been steadily improving since 2011. It is simply continuing to do what economies do - go up or go down. Other than the economy, we're NOT "doing so well." But as a straight white Christian male, you don't care about what non-straight white Christian males are experiencing. 

"why does THE WORLD want to come here??"

Really? You're going to give credit for that to TRUMP? People have ALWAYS wanted to come here. Even during the worst of the 1929-1935 Great Depression, people STILL wanted to come here. 


WF "the World are not breaking down your wall  you do not get inundated by people from the Western world, there are no Scandinavia people rushing to get into the US.  


 "...there are no Scandinavia people rushing to get into the US."

Exactly! The people who are desperate to come here are from places that are so poor and have such limited opportunities to improve their lives, that even the US at its WORST is better than what they have at home.  But Trump doesn't want "those people" coming here. We should erase this off the Statue of Liberty until the GOP majority is out of office ~~ 

“Give me your tired, your poor, 
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, 
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. 
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: 
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

― Emma Lazarus


I agree with jp...


I too thought the Access Hollywood tape and video would do him in, but no, I guess its ok that a presidential nominee talks like that for some Americans. 


Amy I saw a clip from Some of his supporters today and this woman saying she agrees with everything Trump says and does.. 

He is a misanthropic, mysoginous racists. And she agrees... the minority are making America look bad..

There are plenty of women who like him, including my own sister, who sadly,  imo is not right in her mind.  Neither is my nephew, who loves him.  No respectable woman should have ever voted for him. 

WF, you agreeing with JP makes sense!


Well JPT was dead on the money about Flake  

Yes, she was.  I was surprised after all that happened to him with those women who caught him in the elevator. 
   But honestly,  tbe FBI investigation was short, and it didnt include people who were willing to tal. I think it would have made a significant difference had they been allowed to speak. 
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Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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