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If only I had learned this or that?

The Leftists have left us!

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Number one on my list is that I would have learned how to play the piano.  

Number two is that I would have learned Spanish (I took French and am not sorry, but I wish I could also speak Spanish.)

Number three is that I would have -- and still might -- take a course in signing.  I know a little bit, but I would love to be fluent in signing.  I saw that story the other day about the Disney characters that were signing with a deaf child; it just melted my heart.  I want to learn it!

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I play piano, I learned that young! I think languages come naturally if taught young, signing too! My 2nd cousin is deaf. We had no big problems communicating but signing sure would have been quicker.


When I went to college, I would have majored in music had I known how to play the piano... but I didn't want to spend my college career in a practice room learning how to play piano.

You're right about languages.  There's something in our genetic makeup, our DNA, called LAD (the Language Acquisition Device) that functions to help us learn language.  By the time we are 12, the LAD is diminished greatly, and language learning becomes a different process altogether.  When I was growing up, the theory was NOT to teach children another language early because it was thought the children would get confused by more than one language and would end up not being able to sort them out.  It turned out that theory was the opposite of the way things are.  The more languages we learn in childhood, the easier it is to learn and the better we will learn, speak, and retain them.

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Why return to a younger age when I can pick it up now; education is a life-long journey. I might go back to brush up on my Spanish and for a few accounting and grant writing courses. Continuing ed classes at the local community college are cheap.

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I wish I'd learned to speak other languages. I'd love to be able to speak Spanish fluently since the American SW has such a huge Hispanic population and historical influence. And also, Mandarin. The whole world's gonna be speaking Mandarin some day. 

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Download DUOLINGO. It's FREE, and it'll teach you enough spanish that you'll be able to hold a conversation and follow along in a Telenovela.

I'm a month in on Spanish and just finished German. 

There's also MEMRISE. It's free too. Different Learning style. I use both. 


Wow, thanks, hnygirl! I never heard of either of those, but I will check them out! 

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Wish I'd learn to play the bass guitar when I had the chance. Also wish I'd taken Spanish. Learning it now, but would've been good if I'd taken it in High School when I had the chance.

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