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How did that work out?

The Leftists have left us!

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Yes many times, I am a recovering Catholic.  In the course of my dating career I have dated Protestant (many denominations, LDS (Mormon), Jewish, Muslim, an Indian not sure of here religion.  Buddhist; I think that is all.

The religion only presented itself as a problem a few times, fo the most part it was a non issue.  The two biggest issues were a few LDS; non drinkers and a Jewish lass.  The Jewish lass was she wanted to marry another Jew, however she was not adverse to sleeping with a a Goy.

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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I recommend saying a quick prayer if you're getting married.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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I was brought up Catholic and my husband Protestant and it just inst an issue 

Peace through peace.

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I've dated a "Buddhist", that was weird. He made me eat vegan... I didn't convert to either.

"I'll make sure to sin in as many entertaining ways as possible before I die." - Sheogorath

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Yes. I was raised Catholic although I left the church behind years ago. I actually never dated anyone who was Catholic. It never worked out, but religion was definitely not the reason. I just sucked at relationships. 

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JPT it is not you, it is the curse bequeathed on all Accountants, and Engineers.  That is my anecdotal observation.  It is the nature of your work and work outlook that makes it hard to meet the right person.

My friends who are either Accountants or Engineers who did successfully meet someone had a large dose of luck in finding someone. 

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I once dated an Episcopalian who was thinking about becoming a priest someday. I don't know if she followed through on it or not. We split up, but not because of the religious difference.

How weird would that be if I were a Catholic guy married to a priest?

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Yes, someone who was Baptist. Made no difference to me or to him. 

I did date someone who was atheist, actually more like going steady. lt did bother me. His version of what happens when we die: nothing.  I could not go with that. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Yes.  Mostly poorly.

Dated a Quaker, their defining ideal is " if it's fun, they are against it" .Or so she said, and although she claimed to be away from the church, she still had a hard time having fun.  

Dated a Mormon, they are mostly against everything I am for.  I was not interested in dating a virgin, she wanted to be married as one.

Married a Catholic.  She still has the teachings of the religion in her head.  It has not been a positive influence in the marriage.

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"She still has the teachings of the religion in her head."

That is sooo true. It took me years - literally years - to get all the Catholic guilt/sin stuff out of my mind. It's insidious. To this day - even though intellectually, I don't believe a word of any of it - I have to consciously stop and think to get the Catholic "BAD GIRL!!" from popping into my head at certain times. 

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dated a Jehova Witness. that was very interesting.

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