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My laptop has recently been showing a "no internet" screen and so I cant get online. This laptop is about 5 yrs old, and there's nothing wrong with my internet. Is it time to.look for a new one? 

   Which do you recommend?  This one is an HP. 


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Depends totally on the spec. For a decent computer you're talking 10 years for buying a new one. That's standard upgrade time. If you're not going to upgrade, fixing the no internet issue like any other is simply a process of elimination as the reason can be due to several problems.

As far as what to buy. Just go with a known brand and the highest spec you can afford. Priority is in the following order: Processor, RAM, Graphics card, hard drive.

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I prefer not to upgrade at this point. The hinge is a little off too. My daughter gave this to me last year and had dropped it once. I might take it in to see what can be wrong.  Thanks!

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If the computer is working  in other respects, and the only message you get is "No Internet Connection" when you connect to your wi-fi or router at home, then the problem lies with the connection rather than the computer itself.

There may be a software problem (a virus or some malware) that is blocking the connection, or the computer may not be properly configured. 

Blue's suggestion to get someone to look at it is a good one.  Before you do, though, look up how much that same computer is selling for.  (Go to the library and use one of their computers with Internet service.)  If the going price for a "new" computer like the one you have is low, consider getting a new/used computer to replace the one you have.  You should be able to get a pretty good price for models that have been upgraded in the last two or three years.  Some people get the latest computers the way people used to buy new cars every two years.  

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Very good advice, Media, thanks. I did see a couple of laptops that were refurbished on Amazon, Apple ones, that were used and working like new.  But I will see first how much mine would go for first and the price it would cost to fix. 


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My Smart TV does that sometimes and the problem is ALWAYS that something has interrupted the internet connection, such as the router needing the "plugs" tightened up or the cable box needs to be re-booted. 

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I have a Smart tv also, and sometimes it hesitates and says it needs internet connection, then it will start. Its never stopped totally after that. The router is ok, its tge computer that wont let me log in for the day or even a few days. :(

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