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Do you think you will get paid under the table? Or, the business owner will find a way to pay you and cheat the system?

NO to all. This is happening where I work. Very long story but, I say NO PAY and you need to go to the house and collect your check.
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Disability allow for some work depending on the situation! I believe it is an incentive to move the lesser disabled into the work force!

They send me letters from time to time. Unfortunately my disability prevents me from doing so!

The Leftists have left us!

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This man has said he can not be on payroll. He is not supposed to work. He wants my boss to get him a credit card. I feel like he is "dirty".  

I believe your situation is different and you would do as this man is trying to do.


That’s messed up!

Then if he gets hurt, the company (boss) is in deep s**t!


Exactly. Workers Comp won't cover him. Lav would know that!


EJ - The odds are that he's also committing tax fraud because obviously he's NOT going to report money that he makes under the table. 


Right. And on so many levels.

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