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I don't mean in a vehicle. I mean with your hand. Out of frustration or anger or just plain assholiness?

If you have, explain why. I saw my boss throw a book at our company cat today. He explained it was because he scratched him. I've seen my dad take a shot gun and kill our dog for peeing on the floor. 

Don't hold back if you're douche bag. Just tell us. Do you abuse your pets or do you lash out at animals? 

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No I don't. I'm way too laid-back. Anyone that resorts to violence has run out of ideas.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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No. Never. My parents never hit our dog either. They popped us kids on the butt more than a few times, but never the dog! 

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No, I haven’t! I have loved all my fur friends! People who beat on animals only prove 1 thing, they are physically superior!

These are the same people that beat weaker humans... women and children!

Sick, sick, sick!

The Leftists have left us!

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No, absolutely not.  About a month into my apartment before school began, there was a house about 2 min away that I always passed on the walk to school.  One day, I saw the guy abusing his GSD, I told him I would call authorities if he did it again.  Authorities came a week later and he got rehomed to a loving family.  I had a nice friendship with the little guy, (ok, he wasn't little.  He is a GSD,) but he was so loveable

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

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EJ yes I have, however not for the reasons you stated.  Growing up on a working Ranch and working around Livestock yes you will hit them to get them to move out of the way and behave. 

Saddling an obstinate horse you have to drive yur knee into their gut to get them to release air so you can tighten a cinch.  Old nags love bloating just to see you fall on your ass.  Same with nippers who really do want a piece of your ass.

Cows, Milk cows are the worse because they angle to cow kick you whether you are milking them or not.  Think bad bruise to broken leg when it happens.  You smack their nose and get them to behave and settle down - NBD.  BTW you cannot hit them with the force they use on each other.  Beef cattle similar as you are moving them from pasture to pasture or moving them to the trucks for shipment

Dogs, we had indoor and outdoor dogs.  If you have and overly aggressive one especially during calving season or when outsiders are visiting I have smacked them so they back off.  We have only shot one overly aggressive dog on the ranch, usually the vet comes out and we put it down then and there.  Usually with socialization and training we have never had a problem.

Cats I have never had a reason to hit one.  No I do wish there are times they would stop bringing me "live" presents however.  I do thank them and dispose of the "present"

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Not hit as in striking with the hand, because it's an animal and most times they dont mean what they do. 

   But I have put one of  my cats in the basement at 4:30 am because he has gotten into the habit of howling in the morning for food. Its been happening for about 8 months now. He sounds like a very loud OOOOWWWWW if you can imagine that. 

  Oh I lied. He once came to my pillow in the morning and peed on it as I was rousing from sleep, then ran out quickly.  I came after him and gave him a smack on the behind and yelled "Bad cat!"  That happened some years ago and I close my door now. 

    But I would not shoot him!  

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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I, too, have had to give my cats a "time out" on occasion.  For some reason, they'll get wound up and one of them starts attacking the other one and no amount of intervention will get them to stop. So I lock one of them in the hall bathroom and the other one in the master bathroom. I'll wait about half an hour and then let them out again. By that time, they've calmed down. They're like unruly kids sometimes!


Yes, they are! 

   The youngest cat does not like the older one, so she will get on his back and bite him when she can. Very naughty, she is. I know she isnt playing because he will complain. He is very docile (except that one time he peed on my pillow) and she can be a terror, so I clap my hands loudly when she attacks him and yell  "No!" Then my dog starts to bark right after. Its a zoo, I tell you. 

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no, never. it makes me sad when animals are abused by humans; I can't watch videos or hear about it. it is the same thing with children/babies.

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