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The Leftists have left us!

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There's lots of good smells... a woman's skin fresh out of the ocean, 

The detergent aisle at the grocery store, the smell of a new car,  hot buttered popcorn, Turkey in the oven,  Eucalyptus   ,  grass after it's mowed, bacon in the pan,   awwww who am I kidding....??

Women ,  my favorite smell is women ,  no matter what , body wash, soap, shampoo, or perfume

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The Devil is coming out in you Dog... :-)


Ha... Sometimes  I  just gotta be me

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Freshly baked cake.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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I love the scents of lilacs, roses, and almond oil - but not all at the same time.

I also love the aroma of  good food cooking -  the aroma of onions being sauteed in butter is just too yummy for  words!

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Sexually aroused woman.

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So many good smells it is hard to choose just one.  I would say coming in aftter being outside on a crisp Fall Day to the smells of good food in the kitchen.  Personally I prefer roasts, dessert pastries, and cider on the stove

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Fresh cut grass,  a soup simmering all day in the  kitchen to name a few.

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In some respects Fresh Cut Grass is good.  There are days it reminds me of throwing hay bales however which is not a pleasant memory

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