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Go for a long pass?

Throw to Gronkowski?

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Guilty as charged!  Doubly guilty in most cases.

I was a play-by-play announcer for college and high school football, basketball and baseball seasons, and as such, it was my job to not only describe plays as they occurred but also to explain the game for our listeners. As time allowed, I would discuss the strategy of the "double switch" in baseball; what the pro and con was for using a full court press; or what a quarterback (and the "hot receiver") have to do when there is a blitz; etc.  I was also a coach for kids up into high school age for various baseball and basketball teams.

So... I end up "calling the game" when Mrs Media and I are attending/watching on TV.  She tends to appreciate the commentary, but I'm not sure the people around me always do.  Although a couple of times, when I've gone into a story that illustrates my point, people around us have listened attentively.  Example:  We were watching a Pirates game one time, and there was a long fly ball that looked like it would be a certain double or maybe even a triple.  The runner on first took off like a bat out of hell, and when the center fielder caught up to the ball and made the catch, the runner, who had just gone past second base, tried to scramble back to first before getting doubled up.  He didn't make it back in time, and Mrs Media wondered why it took him so long to get back to first base.  I explained that once he rounded second base and headed for third, the rule says he has to re-touch second base on his way back to first base.  That was why it took him so long, and that's why the center fielder had time to throw him out at first.  Then I told the story of how "The Great One," Roberto Clemente, in his rookie year in the big leagues, made an embarrassing mistake in the same situation.  He had taken off, rounded second and was steaming towards third base when the outfielder caught the ball that Clemente was sure would never be caught.  Hung out to dry, Clemente realized he had to get back to first and also knew he'd never make it.  So he stopped in his tracks (about where the shortstop normally plays), hunched over as if to hide, and darted straight across the infield behind the pitcher's mound to first base.  It was as if he thought maybe no one would notice if he hunched over like that.  

This story brought a big laugh from everyone around us, and someone asked me if it were a true story.  I said that I was pretty sure it was, because I remembered the story as it was told on the air one day by The Gunner (famous Pirates announcer Bob Prince).  So... that kind of thing... VERY guilty.  

Also, I have to plead guilty of suggesting plays in given situations: "you have to try to steal here to put the tying run in scoring position..."  or "A play-action pass would work here..." or "you have to get the ball underneath the hoop and get the big guy to foul out..."   (Oh, VERY VERY guilty...)

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My honey is shouting directions all through the game! His enthusiasm has rubbed off a bit on me!

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In the past when watching college football, yes all the time. But, I'm not the coach nor on the team and they can't hear me yelling! 

I still LOVE college football but, I don't watch as much. I follow their progress and wait to see it they're BOWL bound. At the end of the season I used to love to know if we were going bowling. Going bowling baby! ...was the term.

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Plays, penalties, defenses, open receivers, fumbles, clock management,...  ...all day long.

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No,but I do call Howie Long very good looking.

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