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From what job?

The Leftists have left us!

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Yes.  My last job.

I was hired to design a chip that would take direct from satellite tv broadcasts.  This was a small startup funded by the Chinese who wanted the chip.  It was during the great recession.

The design was behind schedule when I got there.  The company had contracted to have a previous version designed.  In their tiny minds it was just supposed to be a small change and should take a small amount of time.  But it was a major change and a completely new design.  Still things were going well.  At Christmas I got a bonus.  But then about mid January, there was a meeting with the Chinese investors and were celebrating the completion of the design when someone ask me how long it was going to be to finish.  They were thinking next week.  Local management had been telling them that.  Unfortunately, the local management had not filled me in on the lie that they wanted told.  So I told them at least two months because I had a month of work on the design, and I had not gotten the design yet.  From my experience I thought it was a month away.

The silence in the room was deafening.  I knew I was in trouble.  I found out later that the Chinese wanted me fired immediately.  But the alternative to me was worse, they didn't have anyone.

I kept working on the design, but suddenly they hired this idiot, Chinese heritage, to help me.  It turned out that they wanted to hire him before me but he was unavailable.  I think the company offered him more money.  But he was not really smart and made several mistakes that I had to straighten out.  The next clue was that the company announced the project lead for the follow on project, and he was a contract employee.  Smart guy but he really didn't work there.  

I finished the design late march.  About a week later, when it was clear that the fabrication facility had accepted the design, they called me into the office and told me that they were giving me the opportunity to resign to spend more time with my family.  The papers were all drawn up, all I had to do was sign them and get the he'll out of the building.  I ask why I needed to go.  They said it was "cultural" .  I agreed, they had a culture of lying and I obviously didn't fit in.

But I told them that I wasn't going to resign, I needed to be fired.  It was a right to work state so a person could be fired without cause.  And if I was tired without cause I could collect unemployment and get some federal help with my health insurance.  I was 61 1/2 and the odds of finding a job in the recession at that age was about zero.  They agreed to fire me if I would clean out my desk and get out of the building and come in the next day to sign the paperwork. It was painful for them.  As I cleaned out my desk I told everyone who ask that I had been fired.  It ruined the cover story.

I was only planning on staying another 6 months anyway.  Being fired is sort of spirit crushing but being shed of the assholes was uplifting.  I moved on with my retirement.

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No. I've been made redundant though, more than once.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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No. I've never been fired. 

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Yes. Been fired as a messenger, rod man on a surveyor team, researcher  in advertising, computer programmer and  electronic engineer.

Messenger -  Took day off to study for final in college.

Rodman - On chaining (also worked as rear chainman) had trouble finding nail in advancing 100 feet distances on construction job.

Researcher in advertising - Supervisor caught me talking to employee a second time while not working.

Computer programmer  - There was no mathematics involved which I enjoy. Therefore found job boring. supervisor suggested I apply for position in Numerical Analysis Programming which consists of higher mathematics which is what I had been used to.

Electronic engineer - Never studied Electronic Engineering.

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Radio is a notoriously unstable business, especially at small stations where huge egos clash in the "power" positions.  The program director, the music director, the sports director, the advertising department--they all vie for power and influence, and most of them have the "authority" over the staff (DJs) to fire them for whatever whim stokes their temperament on a given day.

I was working part time for a small radio station in the Chicago area in the western suburbs that had all of the above.  I was actually fired four times by different "power brokers" in the station who decided what I did or what I said didn't measure up to their desired standards.  Each time I got fired, I got a phone call within one day to two weeks saying, "Come on back. We need you. You do a good job.  He just got a bug up his butt over..."

Since I enjoyed the work and knew I was doing a good job, I never took "being fired" personally; I always viewed it as "so-and-so is very angry and it looks like he had to take out his anger on me."  I shrugged it off and figured if I were still fired after 3-4 weeks, I'd go to a different radio station. I knew I would get hired, so getting fired didn't bother me. (I was the only part-time DJ in the Chicago area -- I think -- who actually "made the book" during a ratings period.  The Arbitron book is the "ratings bible" for radio, and if you "make the book," you have a high enough audience rating to be included.  I was a weekend fixture at the station and held the position for about three years, which in radio is a lifetime.  That's what fueled my confidence and helped me gain a decent perspective on those occasions when I was fired.)

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In a manner yes I have, really funny.  I was working as a Marketing Manager for a Marketing Services Group.

I was working for the most unethical group of criminals I had ever met.  I decided to just up and quit w/o a new position after 11 months.  Turned in my resignation 1st thing on a Monday Morning, my Director would not accept it.  He told me to wait until the Afternoon when we would have a meeting.

At 1Pm we were in the conference room, my director, HR, my directors VP and a corporate Lawyer.  They told me they were firing me.  Their next question was who was I going to work for, I told them no one..  They gave me the gift of unemployment. They tried to rescind the "firing"  I had already signed the paperwork, and had my copy.  They were trying to ruin me professionally with a "firing" and "smear" campaign.  It was a great way to have people toe the line

Final chapter in this story:  These crooks were busted by both State and Federal authorities a few months later.  My director and his VP got 5 years in Club Fed.  HR director and 2 managers 1-3 in Club Fed.  The Corporate Attorney disbarred, 5-7 Club Fed, 2 years State Prison.  In all 22 executives of this group went to prison. 

I escaped with only having to give a disposition and not having to testify in open court.  I was lucky.  Testifying in open court against an employer is the kiss of death professionally

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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I was "laid off" from an office position I had in Newark, NJ at a fancy schmancy Gateway Building.  These were corporate bankers, and it was the kind of company where the ladies got a big bonus and candy for Christmas, and the men got bonuses as well and small color TV's. It was the late 70's. Well, things did go very suspicious there after  awhile.  The president and vice presidents would hold meetings all the time without some other men, and everything was hush-hush.  When I was let go, they didnt say fired, it was called a need to "cut back" and they also laid off a couple of folks along with me, but I still felt bad. 

It turned out that these men (the higher-ups including the president, VP, and two more) had been taking investors  money (Ginnie Maes, Fanny Maes, Repos, etc) and using them for their own benefit, and had lost a lot of money in their failed scheme. One of the men had added something like 4 bathrooms to his home in a ritzy NJ town and also added things, like a soda fountain in his bedroom. After a brief time, they were all somehow caught and sent to jail. This was Bevill, Bresler and Shulman, and according to papers, the men, including my supervisor, went for at least 15 yrs in prison.  

  So no wonder lots were told they had to "cut down". 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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You worked for crooks as well, my sympathy


Looks as though they had been doing it for some time, and they failed as they were losing miney and failed in their plans. 

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Not often but yes. Call center and dishwasher.

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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did the manager fire you for leaving water stains on the dishes...puns for everyone

Management refused to discipline waitresses who intentionally broke dishes in the bus tub when they had to bus their own tables. When it got really busy, the dishwashers had to spend more time washing dishes than out on the floor clearing plates and silverware from the tables. The waitresses got mad at this and slammed tubs in the dishroom.... the plates and glasses broke.... and we cut our hands a few times from that mess.

I told them they needed to do something about it because we witnessed more than one person doing this. Since the management played favorites (and likely fucking a couple of them), nothing was said. Voicing my opinion wasn't the bad part.... how I did it was.... and I was terminated for it. 

Never even gave going back a second thought. It was my first job, anyway.....

oh wow ..im glad you spoke your mind...ive done that a few times but I never got fried for it...and I used a few choice words as they call em....too

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I was told to resign once.  I saw it coming and already had other stuff lined up.  My boss was doing illegal shit and screwing a lot of customers and employees.  Nobody would step up and try to stop it.  So I found another job and reported his bullshit to the proper authorities. He thought he was doing me a favor by letting me resign instead of firing me lol.  I laughed on my way out.  His company was shut down about a year later and from what I hear, he is still dealing with legal troubles and lawsuits

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