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...because I'm wearing a turtle neck :D

I just love a soft, form-fitting, ribbed turtleneck...makes me feel like I should put on some free-form jazz (I don't... but I feel like I'm supposed to).  The weather is starting to get nice and crisp in my neck of the woods; time to break out the Fall clothing and do Fall things like try pumpkin-flavored stuff (YET AGAIN) and again say to myself, "Nope, still sucks".

What do you enjoy about the Fall season?

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Coming home and seeing the lamps on in your house, the orange glow looks so warm and inviting 

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I *love* autumn! It's always been my favorite season. I love the weather cooling off; I love the days getting shorter; I love the house feeling and smelling "cozy" with stews or soups simmering on the stove; I love the colored leaves; I love the fall holidays -  Download halloween 4  Halloween and  Dia del los Muertos and Thanksgiving - and the history and mythology that goes along with them; I love the little shiver of anticipation for the Christmas season coming up; and I love the fashions.

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aw we are alike. I like a form fitting turtleneck too, especially if its a black one.
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The cooler temps after a blazing hot summer.The leaves changing are beautiful as well.

I do like turtlenecks as well,even if they are like a push-up bra for a double chin.



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I love everything about it. The break from the summer heat and humidity which I loathe, mosquitos, etc. Crisp, cool air,  pumpkins and apple picking,  vibrant fall foliage and apple cider, pumpkin everything including pies and muffins, Halloween, and candy! I love the fall. 

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let me just say, it was a brutal wake up call when I got back.  I left Sunday for comps this week.  Sunday it was around 50's.  All week in TN it was around 70.  Beautiful, warms up by noon.  Come back last night, and it was in the 30's, ha.

I know you are sophisticated because you are a good, authentic woman.  What I love most about the fall is anything pumpkin flavored

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