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If = 10t+ 10, find s, v, a at = 2s. (5 marks)

If uufor two projectiles, and these two projectiles are thrown at angles θand θand cover the same horizontal distance xt, so land at the same point. Find a relation between θand θ2. (10 marks)

If the radius of earth is re, and its mass is me. If the earth collides with another object, and after collision, the new radius of earth is = 4rand the new mass is = 4me. What will happen to the terminal velocity of an object, if all the other conditions do not change. (10 marks)

If F= (2,4,7), and F= (2,1,4), then find FF2F− F2F1.F2|F1|,|F2|. (5 marks)

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If a banana and a half costs a cent and a half, and if the day before yesterday, Clyde is three years older than Lucretia, then who is his father, and how long did it take the frog to get out of the well?

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I have a strange feeling we may be back to solving for how much wood is chucked!

= - }

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Olivia Newton-John says 'Let's get physical'.

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