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I went to college and got a bachelors degree in Psychology, but got terrible grades. I've been working as an assistant special education teacher. I really want to become an actual teacher, preferably an art teacher, but won't be able to go to grad school due to my terrible gpa, and don't meet the gpa requirements for a teacher prep program.

Would my best option be to just get a whole new bachelor's degree in art or education? What would be the best step for me to take?

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The first step would be to speak with an academic advisor at the University of your choice.

Seriously. Make an appointment with the academic advisor and let the EXPERTS advise you.

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Exactly.  Hnygrl hit it on the head.


Nail on the head

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I agree with hnygrl. You have obviously spent a lot of time and money in this last endeavor which was not your nature or talent. Kudos to you for being persistent and determined to excell in your education. Now is time to take inventory and follow the professionals lead. Yes, take another stab at another batchelor’s degree. Just proceed in a more focused direction!

The Leftists have left us!

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Listen to Hnygrl, she hit the nail on the head.  Now a couple of pointers, your psychology degree is worthless.  Art and Humanities these are the programs schools are cutting.  STEM is where there are still available teaching jobs. 

A good friend Stateside relates the tales of her friends with Psych & Art Degrees in Education.  These folks cannot get tenure and are on year to year contracts.  STEM of any sort is tenure track.  She is a Math administrator in a Large NYC Suburban School District.

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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