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Why did the thoughts and prayers shield fail again,?

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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America needs to stop sinning in order for the prayers to take heed. You can't keep sinning and expect a blessing/healing from GOD, it doesn't work that way.  

2 Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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No problem.  If nothing is changed, the outcome remains the same.

Thoughts and prayers of course.

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I would suggest the people in power should do something rather than nothing. You have nothing to lose.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Former active duty Marine with a few screws loose.  Smoke Grenades?????  At least he used a pistol this time, albeit a .45.  This guy was pissed off and choose a college night at a bar.  Me thinks the liberal agenda of the current university trained pissed this guy off, especially those in the CA systems.  Oh yeah it was the day after the election .......... Nuff said

1.  Cannot Congress adequately fund the VA to provide the necessary services these guys need.

2,  Can we not give preference to Veterans in all Universities, and have jobs for these guys.  I know the Globalist's hate this one

3.  Please do not say Thank you for service and walk on by.  Actually show them we do value their service.  Do not discriminate against the Vets. Do not castigate them.

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Good bit of victim blaiming there Arch. 


Not victim blaming at all GB.  Just stating an observation(s) I have seen more than once in the Coastal Elite Bastions. 

The dead and wounded are victims, the question is why.  I have seen the anger by those abused and left behind after service.  This is one time I believe someone acted out.  Given this guys training and MOS I am amazed the Body Count was not higher


Do you mind if I ask how old you are Arch?


Lets say the big 60 is staring me in the face in the coming year


It sounds like you're saying they shouldn't have pissed him off.



You nailed it!

My Dad was in the VA nursing home with Alzheimer’s for 7 yrs! He was in a private nursing home 3 yrs before that waiting for VA approval.He was a Veteran of WWll and was in theatre over 3 yrs! I took care of him 7 yrs prior! Not one family member or friend or neighbor visited him while he was at either facility. A couple years after his death I was forwarded multiple Veterans emails from family and friends about respecting Veterans by forwarding the email. Needless to say I returned the email with a blue reply. It took the the individuals awhile to comprehend my wrath! They just didn’t get it! But after my expletive explanation, they did!

Every holiday my father was at these facilities I took cupcakes and treats to the medical staff, doctors,nurses,aides, and social workers. They did their selfless work with seldom a thank you or a nod! The Veterans only offer “help” to those asking.And like our private citizens they must ask! Sadly mental help in this country is “the last frontier”!

You can make guns illegal,shut down sales,make penalties severe and the criminals and lunatics will always find a weapon. A pipe bomb,axe,knife etc! The murderers will always murder and find a way to do so!

Our mental asylums have emptied out and closed!

God help us all!


There's plenty of people pissed off about many things. Not a good excuse.


And now close your eyes and picture the horrendous scene, 12 dead, the police say it was a blood bath, a deputy sheriff died in the line of duty, imagine it

And now imagine the shooter was from the Middle East who had PTSD 


And criminals will always steal cars. But you can make it more difficult for them.


I am not saying I excuse it.  I am just saying this was the probable reason - whether we like it or not


Yes! Archerchef!

So many of our Veterans are not taken care of. Many used for war,trained to be a killing machine then dropped back home. He was a machine gunner in Afghanistan I am sure he saw and did a lot. 

No excuse,as you say, just a fact!



When you provide a probable reason without condemning the action, it's gonna sound like an excuse.


Your full of it! You hear what you always want to hear!

; - )


And people tell you what you want to hear. Trump being a perfect example.


So true!

I love it!!!



Trump has stated to the media that he has plunged billions into mental health services. The most money ever in the history of the country, no other POTUS has given more.

So it must be true and the vets get excellent treatment  Trumps not lying surely 


If Trump said jumping off a cliff was a good idea his supporters would be queuing up to plunge to their death.


There are several improvements to the Veterans.

1. Much shorter wait times for an appointment! Down from months to approximately a week on average!

2. Now (since Trump) they are allowing veterans who have to drive a distance (25 miles or more?) to seek private care.

3.Now (since Trump) desk help jump to their feet when they see a Veteran struggling with intake sign in,paperwork, physical or visual disabilities! At one time( Obama) these were overlooked and ignored! Please don’t challenge me folks on this one! I personally observed it!

Mental Evaluation in the US is still struggling at the V.A. and private practice due to our liberal liberty laws. Until these are abridged changed there will continue to be more carnage! IMHO!


I don't challenge anything a Trump supporter claims to be fact as it more often than not it turns out to be either false or a spin on the facts. Once I know someone has deliberately lied I assume from that point onward they are not telling the truth.


And just to add, this is the internet where we can all be what we want to be.

I have noticed that some folk on here would Need to be 150 years old to fit in all they say they have done.


Are you implying “I” have lied? Blue?


Are you referring to me? GB?


Is that a rhetorical question?


No lady, you are one of the grown ups on here. We will never ever, even of the world ends we survive agree, but your not bad.. I'll keep you.. 


No.. Blue.


If the world was ending I would risk my life to save you!

Politics are simply a sum of one’s personal experiences in my opinion. They don’t make the person undesirable or grotesque IMHO.


Probably not lied. You know how to spin though. If you want my opinion. Have you ever known someone deliberately lie for political gain? Think carefully.


Spin is not something I do intentionally if at all. I always recite what is my experience, opinion based on that!

Religion, Politics and Culture is a sum of one’s personal experiences! If someone’s experiences are different than mine I do not take it personally however!


People will lie for the price of rice!

Some people are pathological liars for lies sake! Politics included!


Dude 99% of politics is spin. You've just proved my point with your response. And you haven't answered my question. A classic tactic that goes along with a spin.


It’s answered! Look above!

You need the last WORD!

So take it! ; - ))))


I very rarely take the last word if you've been paying attention.


Can we move on and answer my fucking questions please, they are really good ones.

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