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She is a fair age and this will take it's toll on her. 

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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4 Answers

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This will require a supreme effort. Get well soon.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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OMG, Please, please make through to 2021.

by (969,720 points)

She's a tough cookie, so Ive read, so she'll be ok.  She has to heal those ribs first. 

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I am beginning to see the next ranting thread(s) here. 

1. Trump replacing Ginsburg

2. Pelosi & Schumer investigating Trump

3. Coastal Elite angst - actually it is fun to torment those folks

Just when I thought it was safe to come back, where the discussions would be fun;  Food, Wine, Sex and possibly Rock and Roll. 

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

by (2,900,480 points)

"Fun" is subjective and there is plenty of room for all type of posts.

I find Trump posts not just fun but laugh out loud fun. It's a nice change from just smirking about America, now it provides a real good belly laugh 


GB some are good, however they are wearing for me.  It is why Lavender and Cinders left this site.  I also believe it is why a few others stopped showing up


That is not why lavender and cinders left the site, you are miles off and its not compulsory to come here. We are all here by our own free will. And there is plenty of room for all sort of posts, no one is being sanctioned


GB here is a cut and paste from a Convo with lav

but I never posted until I left AOR. I left, because after the whole AF dysfunction, it disgusted me. I did go back after that for a few weeks, but I got tired of the contention there, I got tired of Blue and his mulitple screen names and I thought, "Wow, if I am so unhappy here, why am I still here?",. The final straw was dysfunctional remarks between GB and me. I figured since it no longer was fun for me, it was time to hit the road.  This is supposed to be recreational not dramatic.    So, I post here a few times a day, but I spend most of my time at XXXXX.   It's like AOR but more people, and I have been there a week or two, and I have yet to see one argument (of course, I steer clear of the political categories, so maybe if there is any contention, it's there.  There are just more categories there, and the people are so friendly. 


She did not leave due to politics, she left because she got her knickers in a twist about a comment I made that she misunderstood then went ahead and brought it up on the board to another member. The comment I made was not political nor was the post. 

This site is for adults, people who are supposed to be able to address a conflict and sort it out, particularly when it was a previous  cordial  virtual relationshiip.

There is plenty of room for all sort of posts and I do not intend to stop the Trump bashing posts, so until I break a rule that will be entirely between blue and I, you all best just get used to it..


I remember that comment very well,  GB. She, I believe, was in a huff with me, because I did not get on her bandwagon with a certain member she didnt like here. She wanted me to feel the same way and join her in the meanness which I found totally unfair. I did not, and she tried to comment on tbat but I ignored her.  And by the way Archer, she mentioned contention in her message. The only contention I ever saw was with AF. When he/she left, I thought, great, now for some peace here. Then she began with her animosity towards a member here I mentioned above. And I thought, again??! 

   Cinders had her own reasons which she obviously chose to keep private and I respect that, and wont create stories as to why she left. 



Yes Amy that's what happened... I just looked through my msg and you are 100% correct.


I think the site is what you make it. Simple but effective.


Blue true

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It is such a shame. Poor woman. Broken ribs at her age can become complicated and result in pneumonia! She may be hospitalized for awhile! Let’s hope she makes it!

The Leftists have left us!

by (593,420 points)

Apparently it's not the first time she has fractured her ribs and the has survived cancer twice. Tough cookie right enough


Wow! She is tough!

My Mom broke her shoulder during a fall at 86 yrs of age. She was hospitalized the next day with high blood pressure problems. After a week in hospital she was very weak and took a long while to recover. It’s definitely harder with advanced age!


I know, my MIL fell and broke her pelvis, she was hospitalised and then all sorts of stuff started happening. She is fine now but couldn't go home again and is in a care home. The is 86 but a game old bird. We take her out of a Friday and she is fitter than me. 


My mom once fell and broke her ankle, at the place where she was, a nursing home. I never cared for it. Anyway she did die from a pnuemonia, 5 yrs ago. So yes, older people can be susceptible to complications after falls. 

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