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What a great progressive country to live in.

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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Yeah but what about the immigrants.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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There is a question on the form regarding sex, it's ok as long as they don't put yes please 

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May I ask what the “I” stands for? I am old and having a hard time keeping up with all the new orientations. I suppose I should go to an Orientation Meeting to catch up! I am to old for this world! The Devil doesn’t want me and the Lord isn’t ready for me yet! lol!

A serious question!

The Leftists have left us!

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It means Intersex. This person can identify as male, female or neither. In the US the I is replaced by a Q which I think, but don't quote me, means the same thing 


We were told the Q was for queer which had been considered absolutely abhorrent to say! Now in colleges they are changing pronouns for these folks!

When I worked an overnight shift as retail director a young man approached me asking to use the women’s dressing room which had several female customers. He was about 6’2 dressed in pantyhose unshaven hairy legs,mini skirt, stuffed bra and white tight sweater! I placed him in a private singular dressing room to which he complained. I explained the female group dressing room was full! Finally he asked a team member to page me again for “fashion advice!” Upon arrival he plaintiffly asked does this skirt make me look pregnant, pointing to his abdomen?

Umm no!

He obviously was trying to make a stir!  Which wasn’t achieved! I had seen it all! Was it a college prank? Or was he poorly transitioning? I explained to my team members how to tastefully deal with these situations should they ever arise again!

It was a real head scratcher for most who had never dealt with this before!


Intersex actually refers to the medical condition of being born with both male and female reproductive organs and/or secondary sex characteristics. This used to be called being a hermaphrodite, which is now inappropriate, we use intersex instead.

Gender-queer or non-binary is typically how we describe people who identify as sometimes men, sometimes women, or neither. This used be called androgy, which isn't a completely  inaccurate way to describe it, it's just kind of old fashioned.

The whole LGBT thing is LGBPTQIA, at the moment, meaning Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual. 

Queer is an umbrella term for all of these identities and more specific ones. If someone describes themselves as Queer, they either do not feel comfortable sharing their exact sexual or gender orientation with you, OR they overlap with a number of these identities and don't want to explain that, OR they understand that they are not heterosexual or heteronormative but haven't found a way to describe their feelings - this is the reason 'Q' sometimes means Questioning in the acronym.

Whether we should use the word 'Queer' to describe ourselves is a hotly debated subject in the LGBT+ community. Many older LGBT folk have only ever heard the word used as derogatory towards them. Younger LGBT folk don't have the same negative experiences with the word. So, it's still a bit shaky, you should be careful using it


and this is to everyone 

you guys can use the word queer (unless you're homophobic, you know which ones you are) I give the official queer stamp of approval, you can use the word queer unless you're being a cunt. do keep in mind the thing I mentioned about some older LBGT folk not being quite so cool with it.


Also, I would say that was much more likely to be a prank.

Most transgender women do not go into women's dressing rooms unless they consider themselves to be 'passing' - looking like a woman. They overcompensate with the removal of all body hair below the neck and extremely feminine hair and make up.

If she was a transgender woman who did not feel she was passing, she probably would not have been there, and definitely would have avoided speaking to you if she was.


Thank you for that!!!

Oh, he/she had donned a wig that looked like a poor knock off of Julia Child’s! He/she made no real attempt to shave their face,arms and legs closely to resemble a woman! Strange to say the least!

One more ignorant question, please? What is?




Pansexual means bisexual, pretty much. There are a few differences, which I will quickly go over, but they basically mean the same thing for most people's purposes and the differences are a lil' complicated.

Bisexual - attracted to men, women, and others.

Pansexuality - attracted to anyone, regardless of their label.

To put this in perspective for a heterosexual (which I assume you are?) um, think about the way you are attracted to men, the male parts of them like muscle, shoulders, beards, etc. and then, think about the way heterosexual men are attracted to women, like their breasts, hair, those are the only two things I can think of, I'm sure there are other things. Bisexual people are attracted to men and women in the same way.  Pansexual people are attracted to people, but in a different way. Secondary sex characteristics (breasts, build, muscle mass) don't factor in to the way that they are attracted to people. They feel attraction... differently.

For example, you might look at Chris Hemsworth and think "damn, what an attractive man" and so would a bisexual person.

But a pansexual person would look at Chris Hemsworth and think "damn, what an attractive person." because his gender is insignificant in their minds

And the difference between bisexual and pansexual people is pretty insignificant, unless you are one, for intents and purposes, they means basically the same thing.


  Wow! Thanks!

Yes, I am heterosexual and have been since childhood. 

I hate to be ignorant about anything and you have put me on track.

My cousin’s grandson is gay. I had assumed he was homosexual but I see him in photos with a girl he has been close with for a decade. So, maybe she is a close friend orrrr maybe he falls into another category! I would never ask unless he offers. He has tried to pass as straight for quite awhile but I sensed he wasn’t. No one in his immediate family picked up on it, so I played along!

Thx for all you help!                                    



That's great! I'm happy for him, it's always good to have a supportive family :) 

Honestly, good intentions matter more than correct vocabulary in most places, everyone makes mistakes in these cases, even me.

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