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What’s taking so long? Is Theresa May doing the Hokey Pokey? Does The Donald need to loan her a pen? Or are the Brexiteer’s getting cold feet?


The Leftists have left us!

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2 Answers

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You're not supposed to ask about or comment on another countries politics.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Oh, I am not taking a know it all position all the way from Ohio! No, not me! I have no idea personally about UK life!

Just asking for. information, which some can never have the humility to do!

Jus’ asking?


You're not supposed to ask about or comment on another countries politics.


I'm happy you did, it gives conversation subjects and it's not so one sided. It's nice to think that people would be interested.


I couldn't care less either way. I'm just pointing out the fact that several members on here from the US have said keep your nose out.


Ah I know Blue but it's me, my nose is getting stuck in.. 


Yeah, I know. And I could say I'm just saying to just about anything.

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It's all about wanting her cake and eating it too. The EU set their red lines from day one and May has tried to limbo dance under them. It's a bit like cancelling your subscription to a tennis club but still demanding use of the services. 

Then there is the split in her own party between the so called hard Brexiteers who are demanding she just walks away, pays no "divorce bill" which is in reality just honouring the spending commitments made before the vote. 

Now we are at last seeing our elected reps accept that Brexit will lose jobs and reduce our living standards and are asking for another vote

Then there is the Irish question which is so complicated let's just say the Irish have the power to bring down May's government.

Scotland has a choice to get out of this mess and recent polling puts independence at 57% so we are just waiting on the call to arms

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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That sounds like an American soap opera.

Poor Theresa, she is in a bit of a sticky wicket!


Of her own making, she decided to run for leader of the party to become PM, then decided y8o call an election where she lost her majority so this is down to her 


True! I was speaking theatrically speaking!


It is theatre, Shakespeare would have been proud to write this. 



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