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I don't really understand whats the question want me to research.

Like question 2, what is barriers mean in business?

For question 3, is it mean how the platform earn their money or what?

For question 4, is it mean how people know that platform..like ads or ...idk..not sure

For question 5, really not sure what is it mean...

Research and outline the distribution platforms available to you in your discipline:

1. What audiences are reached through these platforms?

2. What are the barriers to using these platforms?

3. What costs are involved?

4. How are the platforms perceived by audiences?

5. What pricing is available for these platforms?

6. How do the platforms effect production?

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#2 - Barriers could be things like cost, timing, expertise needed, logistics, etc.

#3 - I think it's more like costs of using the platform, both monetary and people.

#4 - Do people think well of the platform.  Do they see it as a trusted source or not.  

#5 - How do they charge?  By number of clicks, or views, or...?  Can you buy one time or need to commit for longer.  

Maybe this somewhat dated article will be helpful -  https://contently.com/2015/08/06/the-pros-cons-and-costs-of-the-top-6-content-distribution-platforms-in-2015/

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Simple, read the textbook and study the notes.  BTW this is not Wiki, it will require some thought

Now what are you studying, that is your discipline - Econ, Accounting, underwater basket weaving etc now rip the discipline apart and determine what they are delivering to their clients if they have any......

No there is no free Homework tutors here,  Every other year when I do teach I put out questions like this and expect coherant answers.  Note I do lecture on the Conference Baord Circuit

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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