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Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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It's ok Blue, Trump has the magic wand to bring all those jobs back. He said so, so it must be true 

Peace through peace.

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Sad, albeit it is Wall Street's wishes.  ah the unintended consequences of the Trump Tax Cuts

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Trump may not be happy with the way things are going and where they are headed, but he should be left out of it completely. After all he is just a "fake" businessman and no idea how to really run a company, except maybe straight into the ground. I mean come on, if he doesn't have someone doing everything for him, it just isn't going to happen. Then we can sit back and see what he will  take credit for. No he is just placing himself in the middle of this situation that doesn't concern him at all because he  wants to once again be in the top news.  Let them work it out, Trump. They may be trying to do so without you. Let them. Stay out of it. You will screw it up somehow.

I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received. ~Antonio Porchia

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Trumpsky is completely ignorant about everything.  He has never run a successful business, all he has run is a criminal enterprise.  So, his being unhappy and a couple of dollars will get you a coffee.  Trumpsky tax cuts for corporations just padded the pockets of the executives and caused them to look for ways to generate even bigger profits.  Then the Trumpsky tariffs kick in, costing them more for raw materials and retaliatory tariffs add more to the cost of selling cars internationally.

The obvious solution is to move production internationally.  They lose the import tariffs, and the export tariffs, and get cheaper labor costs,  profits go up, taxes are still down.  A serious win for the corporation.  No one in the US can afford cars anyway. And have little incentive to buy locally made cars.  The revised NAFTA didn't do much.  Actually increased the cost of cars made in Canada and Mexico so you notice Canadian plants are closing also.

So Trumpsky has destroyed another industry.  He got soybean farmers earlier, now autos.  I think he has set his sights on Apple next.

Ford announced, with less fanfare, that they are also stopping all US production of cars. Good job donnie.

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