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Cheap airline tickets for a round trip ticket from Cincinnati to L.A is $150! Other airlines list $397 so basically what is the difference?

First class say $989, so what is offered to justify more than double over coach?

Back in the day coach was alright, decently comfortable, decent food etc. Now it is cramped,  food sub par, snacks minimal and seats less comfortable than an average auto!

I was cramped and I am 5’4 and petite! My guy who is 6’ and 240 at the time and large boned was folded up like a contortionist!

The Leftists have left us!

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2 Answers

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Lady you have got it.  What airline are the tickets on would be my 1st question, then what are the restrictions?

The things to look for are seat pitch, that is the distance between seats and width.  The remaining legacy carriers Delta, United, and American along with Southwest are fairly decent still.  You pay for booze, there is no food, and expect to pay for everything. Now for the 5.5 hour flight you want to be be comfortable.

If they are a legacy pay for the Economy Comfort (Delta), or Comfort Plus (United).  Look at the fare class that will tell you a story.  The higher the class the higher the perks; early boarding, use of overhead bin space etc.  Now the fare classes are a way of managing profits, and the fare classes are split out that way

Expect to pay to check bags, make sure your bags 23 kg or less.  Look at the baggage guidlines to see what the airlines rules are.

I have seen horror stories, and read horror stories about the budget Airlines'.  Think Spirit, Allegiant, Frontier and the  rest.  Something happens you are left to scramble, they are notorious for leaving customers in the lurch

Good Luck

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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The cheap flight was Allegiant. So there’s that! Thanks for the tips!

Having never traveled 1st class just wondering what justifies the big jump in prices there?



No need to thank Arch ...for he is a Worldly Man.

Going here and there.

No doubt, he has one part of his brain programmed for instant traveling.

Plus he is infamous of being ...Euro-orientated.


Lady in 1st you good good booze a real comfy seat and actually edible food.  Deltas food is better than United's by a hair.  In 1st you do not pay to check bags, you get to board and disembark 1st.

If you were going overseas on United you would get the Polaris Club.  Delta they are overcrowded on the Sky Clubs so day passes after 31 December are no more.

This year I have been on Delta 120K miles plus, United 100K Miles or their affiliates.  I think I have had a bit of experience on planes


There we are.

Well, my point to the letter.

You kind sir, 

Are a Euro-Traveler.

A full-fledge passport holder.

Nice to make your acquaintance.

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I have NEVER been physical lifted off the ground.

However, could it be due to the Holiday coming up?

Are the airlines competing?

The price of oil dropped, could that have anything to do with it?

The state you mentioned, are they popularly traveled?

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