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Case Study

Alice workers in a respite centre for people who have a disability. She has a strong religious belief and is a supporter of the rights to life movement. Imogen, who has a physical disability, has been staying at the respite centre and is 10 weeks pregnant. She has decided that’s she wants a termination.

Alice has been asked by her manager to accompany Imogen to an appointed at a women’s health centre to discuss her options. The respite centre has a policy that supports self- determination and empowerment and uses person-centred approaches to service pervasion.

Alice’s job role description requires her to provide emotional and practical support and to encourage people to make decisions and take control of their own lives. Alice plans to take Imogen to a pregnancy counselling service which is run by an anti-abortion organisation before taking her to the women’s health centre.

Imogen has told Jasmine, one of the other respite centre support workers that Alice is going to take her to the anti-abortion pregnancy counselling service. She says that she is worried that they will persuade her to change her mind about having a termination.

She also says Alice has been leaving anti-abortion literature in her room and has also asked her to attend a religious service with her. Alice has also suggested referring Imogen for counselling. As there is a long waiting list for subsided counselling services. Alice has offered to refer Imogen to her cousin, who is in private practice as a psychologist.

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You know this really isn't a homework help site.  I suggest you talk to your school advisor and/or professor about possible tutors or help groups.

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