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+3 votes

Happy Birthday to me.

in Birthdays by (4,191,731 points)

12 Answers

+2 votes

Then it would time to send you a cake!!!!   

   Happy Birthday, Blue!!  

by (1,206,690 points)
+2 votes

I would say Happy Day-Before-Your-Birthday!!  

50? You're still a puppy!

by (2,488,600 points)
+2 votes

Wish all us AOR folks could be there to help you celebrate your birthday!

I would bring 50 blue iced chocolate cupcakes!


by (851,100 points)
+2 votes

Ah Blue is hauf a hunner. Happy Birthday to you 

by (3,081,470 points)
+2 votes

I'd say it's time to party and have cake

Happy early Birthday!

by (504,440 points)
+1 vote

Happy birthday! May you have 50 more!

by (76,800 points)
+2 votes

Happy birthday you youngster you.  Wishing you all the best.

by (991,840 points)
+1 vote

So, you are a Saggi?

Wow, double Wow!

And just visualize  a beautifully set dinning room table.

With a blue lace table runner.

And in the middle  of that table, awaits a (3) layer cake...Blue Icing...and only one candle a top of it.

The candle being eager to feel your breath, as you blow it out.


+1 vote

Blue have a great Birthday

by (2,906,320 points)
+1 vote

Cheers! Happy Birthday!

by (326,350 points)
+1 vote

Late   wishes  to  you  Blue  .  Hope  you  had a beaut  Birthday .


by (122,960 points)
0 votes

Thanks to all. Have a good one.


by (4,191,731 points)
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