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S/he is educated, well-read, a great conversationalist, a very good cook, has never been married, has no children, got a few properties and no financial problems. 

You’d be expected to keep her/him company through her/his treatment and final moments and would inherit most of what s/he owns. 

Would you be in or out?

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3 Answers

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It would depend on how much I loved them. And...not all cancer is terminal, so doing it for the inheritance only would be a huge mistake. 

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It's like a long term care job with a big reward at the end.  

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Like JPT, I would marry if I loved the person so much I would want to be with them until the end. 

I actually knew a similar situation.  The male cousin of my ex had a rare type of incurable bone cancer. The guy was good looking and had a winning personality. Once his girlfriend knew it was a terminal cancer, she left him. Maybe she just couldnt handle it and it was too painful for her. I would have stuck with him, but thats me and I cant blame her. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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When I was a kid we had this elderly neighbor whose wife left him when he was terminally ill. I always found it selfish of her but maybe she just couldn’t handle it. I’d have stayed too. 

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