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False.  I don't think you can stereotype things that way. *Some* easy things may not be worth pursuing...but some might be. It depends on what "it" is. 

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False - depends entirely what the thing is. I always/generally knock off the easy projects first.  When I was dating I always went for easy or the easiest - why deal with a difficult woman they are not worth the time.

Finally - War & Peace or a cheap David Baldacci book for a weekends mind candy.  David any day of the week

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Some of the best things in life are easy, and sometimes free.

I learned this lesson while working on cars.  If it was difficult to put back together, I was doing it wrong.  I applied this lesson all through life.  In engineering, if it isn't the easiest way, it's definitely wrong.

Pick the easy, low hanging, fruit.

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False:  If you think it's true you'll miss out on a lot of good things along the way.  

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