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Tell people you've got a mental illness. They'll say 1 in 4. Tell people you're suicidal, they'll say get help now. I've met some wankers in my time.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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The mental health services in the UK is criminal. I was reading the other day that the police need to deal more than any CPN or there are no beds available. Therefore, our citizens in a psychotic episode are being kept in cells instead of specialised units.

And the reason? The same reason that all our services are struggling, tax cuts for the rich and the corporations.

Now it's a separate argument of who's oil is it but there has been the same amount of oil sucked out of Scotland as there was in Norway and the UK still have such poor. 

Time to get money out of politics and break away from the  two party system 

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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I called the Suicide Hotline, then heard CLICK.

I even called using the veteran services, cause I was married to a deranged military man.

The still hung up!

Here in TN is pitiful.

They will keep the sane ones in there a really long time, and the real nut jobs are walking the streets killing or injuring some innocent person.

I have used all my mental abilities to help this Flea Bag Town, but to no avail.

Nobody gives a damn, until they are directly affected by the mentally fucked up!

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