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I have an aunt who is terminally ill. In a dream I had with her, she appeared to me in my kitchen, but there was some kind of barrier or line separating us somewhere below.  I thought to myself, " You've come to say goodbye." It was as she was already gone. Then she came close and kissed me on the forehead. 

Needless to say I was upset as I woke up. She is still living, but recently she told me she was tired of her treatment as it gives her many side effects.

My guess is the dream is a warning. Have you had similar dreams with loved ones? 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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To be 100% honest, if you had asked this over a year ago I would have said it only meant she is on your mind but now after a few strange happenings I have experienced it just might be a warning.  How sad for you, make sure you say all you want to say to your aunt...

Take care 

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Thank you.  I  call her every week, go visit her every other week. Shes only 50 mins from me. 

  I know what you mean.  About a year before she was diagnosed, I had this dream that 2 of her brothers, both deceased, were following her down some stairs into my living room. She looked very weary and tired then, just lime she gets sometimes now.  And she was very healthy then.  Some months later, about a year later she got sick.  Sometimes dreams do warn us. 

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I’m really sorry about your aunt. 

I’ve had omen dreams a few times and I can get emotional remembering them. One was about my aunt who was only in her 50d but had complications from diabetes. She was bedridden from a leg injury that wouldn’t heal and also losing her eyesight. I dreamed she had passed away. I was in college at the time and to this day I regret not having dropped everything to go spend time with her. She had babysat me and we used to be really close. But I chalked my dream down to nonsense, because I didn’t think she was that I’ll. Two days later she passed away. I was devastated. 

Years later I had a dream where I was talking to her on the phone and she said she needed to go to the dentist. I woke up puzzled. What did all that mean? A week later my cousin, her nephew, who worked as a dentist, died in a motorcycle accident. 

Last year, I had a dream about another cousin. He was lost and in life danger. The next day I reached out to him and it turns out he’d been in a relationship with his boss and they’d just broken up and. He was heartbroken and also worried about his job. He’s still alive and well today. 

Your aunt may not exactly be saying goodbye, but she may need to tell you something. Maybe she just needs to talk and have someone listen. I’d give her a call if she she can speak on the phone or go visit her as soon as you can. 

Be well. 

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Thank you!  I do visit with her lots and go with her to her church. In some odd way sometimes our dreams ate there to warn and guide us, as they did to you.  Its hard to explain to others who have not had it happen to tbem, but it does happen more frequently than I thought. 

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I am NOT at full speed.

Yet, could it be indicative of Astral Projection????

Your aunt is weary, understandable.

Perhaps she wants your 'blessings' that will allow her to ...move on?

The next time you  'see' her or  you  'talk' to her, ask her about another deceased person in her family.

However, do keep in mind that if she is experiencing lots of pain, be it physical, mental, or emotional,... will have to read-between-the-lines concerning her words.

Bring in another relative to  aid you on your quest.

Two minds combined are better than one, but (3) minds giving focus...can see what lies far beyond anything we could ever imagine.

And yes, I have experienced what you say.

My beliefs are directed from childhood and observing things that others did NOT See.

Should your aunt pass on, buy yourself something the day that her pain on this rotten Earth, is over.

Then keep it near you, close to your reach,  for at least (7) days.

Sadness is in the air.

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Im not sure about that being astral projection, but that's an interesting point. Perhaps it was? She is the last living relative in her generation. My uncle, her last surviving brother passed away 2 yrs ago. 

   What is the significance of buying something after she's gone?


If your aunt is coming to you now, before she has passed on, she might want to come to you when she has completed her journey.

Having something near you that is symbolic of her, will allow a connection to her, should she NEED to tell you something to help you in this life.


Thank you.  Will do!

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I dreamt of my grandmother’s death one night. It was disturbing to say the least! I awoke midway and brushed it off as just a bad dream! My mother called early the next morning to tell me my grandmother passed on!

Strange indeed!

I have had other isolated visions that have been premonitions! Bizarre indeed!

The Leftists have left us!

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Yes  .  had  feelings during  the  stages  my Mum was  ill and  after  she  passed feelings and  experiences  I cannot   explain.

 I  would  take  it as a  sign  Amy  Your   dream  is  your  gut  intuition  about your  Aunt....

Stay  close .,  enjoy the  moments  you  have  together ...

Make  this  Christmas  a  Beautiful one  for  her ..

Have  no regrets..

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Beautifully said.

Some people say that they do NOT have any regrets.

I wonder about them, and just step back from them.

But, when that loved one comes back....I much prefer a helping/calming/loving/peaceful embrace.

The Universe is filled with Wisdom, and if we can not tap it, our deceased loved ones can.

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