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me and this guy have been texting a lot, like everyday for months and then we decided to make plans to hang out, i believe he wanted to go bowling with just us and i agreed. I even told his friend that we were gonna hang out and he said i know he told me. Anyway, when that day came all my friends told me to wait for him to text me and i honestly thought he would too but he never did. A few days later he started texting me again and we both just didnt bring it up so idk do you think he stood me up?

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5 Answers

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It might mean he thinks you stood him up, he may have been waiting on you. Unless you bring it up you won't know. If you feel awkward and would rather leave it then next time you organise a date confirm it, get day and time and drop him a txt the day before. 

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Sometimes people keep these idealized messaging relationships and they are afraid to upgrade it to real face to face interaction in fear it will come crashing down under the weight of reality. And if that happens, they’ll have to cut loose completely. Not saying this is what’s happening here, but just food for thought.

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You didn't bring it up when he texted you? WHY NOT? Why aren't you interested in knowing whether or not someone disrespected you that way?

While he may NOT have stood you up, you both need to find out where you stand with each other. If he didn't stand you up,  then it's a misunderstanding and you can both move past it. If he did stand you up, you need to end contact with him - someone who stands you up for your first meeting is a d-bag. 

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Yeah, he may be thinking you stood him up.  I don't know.  Have you ever met this guy face-to-face?  I hate to say it but, Catfish?  Next time make more solid plans as to when, where, etc., or at least a plan of who will contact who when about such details, at least a day or two ahead of time.  

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Ive met him face to face yes we went to the same school 

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I think he is married!

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