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I put a wreath on my door thats made from eucolyptus plant leaves. I heard something odd at my door, and see that birds are attacking the "berries" on them. They are not real, so Im hoping they dont get sick. Ive spotted a blue jay while in my car at it and now a red throated bird with a frilly top. Woodpecker maybe. I think Ill remove those berries or whats left of them. 

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I mentioned this on AOR before. I put out three dried corn cobs on the front door for a Fall decoration. For three days running I got hit and run knocks on my front door only to find no one there! I laughed it off thinking it was the neighbor kids and their friends as the boys were 9 & 10! The fourth day I happened to be sitting in my kitchen with bow window next to my front door. After the rapping I noticed a large bird flying away!

Speaking of “The Raven”! lol!

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No wonder it sounded familiar!  Now I remember you saying that. 

Amazing creatures, these birds. I happen to love them and those blue jays are mean but beautiful. Just now I saw about 6 to 8 sparrows hiding in a large shrub (about 5.5 ft tall) in the backyard from my kitchen window. I have a feeder by the garage and had just filled it. They were peeping out taking turns at the feeder. Cute!


I put out whole peanuts in the shell and suet in feeders in my large maple tree!  I also feed the birds from platform feeders on my deck! I live near an open field out back so I have 22 types of birds including woodpeckers and hawks!

I love my wildlife... squirrels included!


Peanuts! That is a great idea. We do have squirrels and they will compete. Ill see if I can add suet or use a diff kind of feeder. 


My peanuts are in a long yellow cylinder with holes so the peanuts shells can’t be removed by the squirrels! The woodpeckers hammer until they can get the peanut inside!

Red bellied,downy and hairy woodpeckers!

I have red headed woodpecks laughing high in my 80ft locust trees but for some reason I haven’t been successful in luring them to a feeder!


That's amazing. Ive seen woodpeckers, cardinals, bluejays, robins, and many I dont know the name for. A beautiful little yellow bird was seen by me late fall.  

   Once, I saw a hawkish looking bird on a neighbor's bush grabbing some creature. It was huge, and was rare. 

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We had that happen when we had up our Autumn wreath.

The birds shit all over it, so we had to throw it away.

They figured the wreaths are a nice nest that you have donated to them.

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