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I will try to celebrate today... my 36th birthday..... but will never forget what I've lost this year. 


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4 Answers

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Happy Birthday. Sometimes you don't feel like celebrating.

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I understand that feeling.  Especially as I get older.  What I've come to learn is that I and you have a purpose in this life to move, live, dream and survive a life that is worth living. 

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Of course you never will.

A mother is such a treasure.

But do keep in mind, that she still might show you a sign that she is okay.

Be open, for someone else might be the vessel that she speaks through.

Happy B-day King.


A mothers heart is not always spoken or revealed in this life but in ways in life long after we are here. 

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Happy Birthday I know, this is my first xmas and I'm even have a hard time persuading my dad to come for dinner, he is just not into it...

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Happy birthday to you.  You lost is pass and you have been chosen to be the future.  Live as you have been chosen. 

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