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President Trump was so extremely busy with his MANY other Promises Made and Promises Kept... THE WALL is inevitable in 2019.  What is your prediction?

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Trump will get his wall, I have no doubts there. He will get his wall, his chains, his orange jumpsuit and his gorilla boyfriend.

Peace through peace.

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You are very right there. 

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For 5 billion big ones, I think it wont pass Congress. Secretly, they're going to suggest he take the bricks and put them where the sun don't shine..

Have you any idea where that money would have to come from?  It sure isn't Santa.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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military budget


The deficit in this country is 779 billion already. Increased by 17% since last year, and he wants to build a wall for 5 billion. 

Being that this MUST be a bipartisan vote, it will not fly. 


it will be built and up by Nov 2020

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Well, the wall will quickly be completed, using the best materials.

I personally gave my input on what chemicals should go in.

I also modified that the wall should be electric.

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As soon as Mexico forks over the money, I'm sure there'll be a wall. 

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I predict that he will get some money for the wall.  5 Billion isn't even a  good down payment.  We spend more than that on ships or planes.  But the wall is probably ten times that.  He isn't getting that unless he is willing to have a tax increase to pay for it.  He already blew up the budget and increased the deficit to record levels.

But its likely that he will get some money.  Just to make him feel less like a looser.  It is worth a billion or two just to get the asshole to shut up.

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I live in a border state and I don't believe there will be a wall. Ever. For all the GOP's babbling fear-mongering about those "foreign invaders" there are rich Republicans tripping over themselves to hire illegals for $3 an hour, no benefits. When they start throwing the employers in jail for hiring illegals, THEN I'll believe the GOP really wants to do something about immigration. The whole thing is nothing but a dog-whistle for racists and haters. 


lol.  That has always been the case.  If employers were locked up, they would not hire illegals.  But rich corporations like illegals.  Just ask trumps housemaids.  

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