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WF is digging his hole a bit deeper.

Peace through peace.

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Judge has delayed sentencing till March 


Well, if I am alive when March arrives, I might have to dress up for the occasion.


.with a hat?


Maybe a hat, but I could wear a wig the color of Trump's hair.


No, just no..one pee pee head is enough for now..

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If Trump ends up behind bars, you can rest assured WF and the rest of the brain-damaged, Hannity-watching Trump supporters will be shrieking about the Democrat Deep State, and how it sabotaged SaintTrump's pristine and successful presidency. I've said it before and I'll say it again:  Trump could shit in WF's mouth and he'd say "YUMMY! Thank you!" 

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WF gives the impression that he actually thinks Trump can see him and knows he is a loyal foot soldier. He thinks Ttump knows him and everything WF does is seen by Trump. He has aligned himself with Trump because he thinks it makes him look successful.  As I told him, he csnt come back ftom supporting this hideous man and his cruel policy.

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If Trump said go jump off a cliff, Wakeforester would be first in the queue.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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