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Who knows.  Probably candy or fire crackers.  

But I do know that at about the 4th grade, 9 years old?, I developed a dream of building a gokart.  Since one had never been built nobody called them that, but it was a small gasoline power vehicle for someone my size.  One of the things I needed was a motor.  My father found someone selling one off of a grain elevator.  Single cylinder,  small, but he would let me make payments.  I think the price was $5 or so.  I did random jobs and paid him a dollar a month.  Then it was mine, mine, all mine.

The rest of the machine was made from scavenger parts.  And stuff that I got my father to make for me.  He was a machinist.  I used a discarded metal rack from a grocery store, the plywood from the bottom of a railroad boxcar, etc. I finally got it built when I was in the 7th grade, and drive it in the July 4th parade.

I know, TMI.

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