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Yeah, it was in the most horrid elementary school ove ever attended. I was born with Tourette's Syndrome and back when I attended that school, it wasn't well known, so teachers, staff, and students thought I was acting out until doctors informed them and I even answered questions myelf. I received accommodations for my disorder, but this angered some students and they believed that I was receiving special treatment. So they tried to get me into trouble and one in particular got a member of staff on his side (who I believed to be corrupt because I was too smart for my age). At lunch, the student and myself were taken away from our table by the staff member, guided to the bathroom, and left there to fight. My great grandmother taught me to never fight back physically, so I followed that and I also knew it would just make the whole weird situation worse and make things harder for her and my dad. I ended up taking the students punches (they surprisingly didn't hurt at all) and, after, we were escorted from the bathroom like nothing happened. I was angry, but I steeled myself and told my dad and grandmother what happened when the school day ended. The member was questioned and put on suspension and my dad immediately transferred me to another school.

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I went to a relatively small elementary school (two classes per grade level) so we all knew each other pretty well by 5th grade.  That year we had a classmate die semi-suddenly (over course of 3-4 months, if I remember right) of some kind of brain cancer.  I'm not sure how grown-up anyone was forced to act but it sure was a mental jolt into some adult thinking about mortality and such.   

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