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I saw this on my instagram feed yesterday. I'm not one of those people who treat horoscope predictions as the gospel truth, but, being that I'm a Leo, this did put a little hope in my heart. :) 

Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday! 

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Stranger things have happened.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Very true.

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But DID YOU check your Chinese Horoscope for the year 2019???????

That is the one you really REALLY GO BY.

Worked for me.

This year's color was Purple.

I got to research what 2019 color is going to be.

Embrace that first and foremost.

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I checked my Chinese horoscope after you suggested it and it said: 

Dec 23, 2018 - Even if you have felt you have been struggling for some time, do your best to relax and be more trusting. Good luck is in your corner, and this can give you greater confidence and help you reach your dreams. Friends will help if you talk about what you need.

It's pretty spot on.

Just keep up with the coming year.

That way you will be prepared for the downs, and get a jump on what to do to prevent certain things.

I have studied Leo sign ….a strong sign.

But you have to make it work for you.


What,are you in the Chinese astrology?  I am a monkey. Fire monkey. 


I'm an ox. I don't think I fit the description AT ALL. 

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I don't buy the astrology stuff much at all, like really, every twelfth person in this world is going to find their soul mate this year?  Doesn't add up.  However, a positive outlook never hurts.  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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I hope the odds are better than just 1 out of 12! 

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you,  too! 


Well, you have to also ACTIVATE that 6th Sense to fully perceive what is being told to you, when reading Astrology.

It is like a HIDDEN MESSAGE ….but some people claim that the BIBLE also possesses Hidden Messages.

It is fully revealed that as far back as the Beginning of mankind's existence, some people have certain GIFTS and can accurately predict an event.

Throughout History ...be it Oracles, Omens, Dreams, and so on.

In just about all the cultures, they reveal someone or something with the ability to receive messages from a Higher Power or a Higher Source.

Spoken about in the Bible ...Ancient Egypt was saved from destruction, but a chosen one of GOD, who was able to translate dreams.

In other countries of ancient times, only one person, a woman, was known to predict, however, the Queen of that time, took the credit with pictures and so-on, for she had to be honored.

Yet, during times of war or peace, Oracles were contacted and asked for advice before going out to war.

It is even said that many were children of;;;; or chosen by whatever Gods or Goddesses that were worshipped in that area.

From Zeus(Greece/Rome)  to Isis,(Egypt)  not sure bout all of Hindu beliefs ...depending on the belief of the people.

Perhaps Kali had the powers to grant such a gift to a mere mortal or the head God.

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Im getting salt shakers. Oh my. :)

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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That's a big deal! ;D



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