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Bought a car and IT already has issues. Mechanically it seems to have a rough idle for s car that only has 8,000 miles. What would you do?

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Was it sold as seen? If so there is nothing you can do. If it was bought from a dealer,  in the UK, you have statutory rights and the purchase does not meet its intended use..

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Look at your warranty. It "shouldn't" give you troubles right away unless you were sold a lemon.  Is this a new or used car? 

   Bring it back to the dealer,  and explain. If they refuse to help you, I would do what a friend of my aunt did. She took her lemon car and rode around the dealership with a sign:  " This dealer sold me a lemon! " Some time later, she was offered another car!

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There should still be some kind of warranty, go to the dealer before the warranty runs out.

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