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Or about 40 degs C. 

    Which do you prefer?  Too cold or too hot?   I dont think they're used to it. Being caused by El Nino, and they're predicting it will be hotter in Jan. ??!!

   Arizona can get like this. 


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That's hot.

I prefer it cooler than most. I don't like being freezing though, but I don't like the energy bills either to keep the house warm.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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That is like me. Too hot, I've not seen that kind of weather. Hottest I've been in was Toledo, Spain once, 100 F.   It was dry though. 

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That's too hot for me but my son is loving it. He has a roof garden where he lives and he said the beach is too far do he is camped up on the roof. Aussies are really switched on about taking care in the sun and it's rubbed off on him so I'm not as worried as I was st first 

Peace through peace.

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Always good to know your kids are happy. He is brave for being far from his homeland. 


GBs  son  would  be  very  safe, . cant speak  for  other  countries ..

.many   GBs Scottish  kin and Blues  Pomies pals  and there  accents are over  here  escaping the  cold  and to   get a  sun tan , cause they  don't see  much   sunshine over there   I  here...they can  not  handle  this  heat  here  that's  for  sure..... .


Where   your  boy  now  GB  still in Melb ??


Yes still there, he has no plans to move on yet as ge enjoys there more than Sydney and it's less expensive to live.


Your son is  right GB  Syd  is  very  expensive,  living expenses  etc  . My Brother lives  down there , He says  living  is  pricey but still many benefits  in Syd Vegas.

Is a very  busy   city Syd ..We  visited in October couldn't  wait to get out of there ,,lol.. 'Melb   another crazy place and  fast  growing  more affordable than  Syd  says  my many cousins who wont leave or  live  any where  else. Melb  and  Syd no longer for  me  way to many cultures more than ever, way to   hectic for this  old  girl ..lol.

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We are used to it  Amy ,  however .usually Jan and Feb and  some  March  are our  hottest months, this season so far  has been unpredictable  and  early    . where we   are is  tropical  and  very   humid   .  down south and inland is a more intense  heat   no  breezes from off the    ocean only  river  or  streams. .. no  way  not  for  us .. 

 After this  heat  wave  spell   when  it  breaks   there will  be a lot of  rain, humidity will  escalate ..love  the  electrical lightening  storms they are  spectacular  to  watch of  shore. .. 

 warmer  weather over  cold and  snow  for  me  any  day .


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104 F  is a nice June day in Phoenix! smileys-sommer-20.gif  I would rather be too hot than too cold. I can't function in the cold - my arthritis is excruciating. My joints feel better in the heat. 

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I think I do too, even though fall is my fav season. I also feel better with the warmth when my knees ache, usually in rainy weather. To think I wanted to move to Maine...brrrr. 


Fall is my favorite season, too. But fall in Phoenix isn't like fall in "cold country."  The usual autumn temps here hover somewhere in the low 90s - high 80s. 


Guess I  better  add  Phoenix to my bucket list  places to see  in USA  after  USA  has  gun control and  sacked  Trump that  is  .. lol..   Sound like the  weather is  just what  id  like and  would fit  in JPT. sending  you  rays  of  warm sunshine for u and  your  dickie knees.


Thank you, Berri. Right now, we are experiencing unusually cold temperatures - 50 F (10 C) is the high during the day and freezing at night. Luckily,  this kind of cold weather doesn't last long - maybe 2-3 weeks.

Arizona loves tourists, so come on over! Tons of cool stuff to see. But if you're looking for gun control. Arizona is not a good place to find it. It's still "The Wild West" here - everybody is packing. 

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Huh, every year has been the hottest year on record. Every year has seen heat waves and record breaking temperatures. It's almost like... the climate is changing, gradually increasing in temperature every year...

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Yes, climate is changing for sure. We're just noticing it now. 


Differently  changing  no  doubt  about it .. Where are  you  Sheo????


Oh I'm not in Australia, but I will be heading to New Zealand next month with a brief stop over at Sydney airport 


"It's almost like... the climate is changing"

What an interesting observation! You'd think the government might want to look into this or something.......

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