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One job, and he failed... the guy is a dick.

Peace through peace.

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You're supposed to say it was a good morale booster.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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That is an insult to dicks. He is a failure as a human being, let alone a leader.. How this fucking shit-stain still has followers is beyond me. 

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I'm also a little bit puzzled.

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My favorite part of his trip to Iraq is when he told the troops that he fought for them by insisting that they will receive a 10% pay raise this year.  The first raise in over TEN YEARS!!!!

Of course, what he did NOT tell them was (a) last year he proposed a 2.1% raise, but Congress decided to give them a 2.4% raise; (b) that active duty members of the military have received raised every year for the past 35 years (since 1983, in fact); and (c) the raise they are receiving is NOT 10% but is actually 2.6%.

The Washington Post has documented 7546 lies (exaggerations/misstatements/distortions of the truth/falsehoods)  in the last 700 days.  The man is indefatigable!  What a guy!  No wonder so many people admire him.  

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I don't disagree but my favourite part was him telling what HE went through to get there,, OMG they turned the lights out, he was so terrified his bone spurs just hurt like hell. 



   That's called lying through omission. Of the facts! 

    He cannot tell the truth if it makes him one iota less than what he thinks of himself. 

Most of the time, when these kind exaggerate or make themselves bigger than what they truly are is because of deep, hidden feelings of inferiority. He is probably like that, but he hides behind the fact that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. It figures. 

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