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I'm referring to the Government shut down, this is beyond comprehension to be honest 

Peace through peace.

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GB true, Federal Employees are covered under different Funding Statutes and Constitutional decreesthan the President or the Congress. If Congress decided they could not get paid, nothing would happen until 2021 -

"Congress shall make no law impacting congressional pay scales in the current term"

Per the Constitution, the Presidents pay cannot be touched

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Trump doesn't take a salary though does he? 

I just can't fathom this, it's beyond foreign to me. A government shut down. Our government is shut right now but no body suffers through it 


Welcome to the realities o the American Constitution and English Common Law Precedent sets.  For the departments not funded they are closed and the employees are not getting paid.  Anyone with a brain knew this gunfight was coming (again) when in August last we all knew Pelosi was going to be speaker.


I guessed each side will blame the other, however, you can't beat a video of Trump saying he will shut down the gov till he gets his phallic symbol.  On my last week there was a video of him saying he will make sure Pelosi will get the votes.


Trump's $400K annual salary won't be effected - He supposedly donations his wages to charities...

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About 75% of the government has been funded. The portion of the federal workers not yet funded amounts to about 25% of the workers, or around 380,000 total.  These are people employed in every single state. Many get their last paycheck on December 31 (Monday).  Many MORE people who are NOT government workers are being furloughed as well, because they work for private companies who are doing contract work for the government, such as the Department of Transportation (currently affected by the shutdown).  

Who is affected? Over 800,000 people across the country altogether. This includes 86% of the Department of Commerce; 96% of NASA; 80+% of the National Park Service; 80% of the Forest Service; 30% of the Department of Transportation. They all MUST take mandatory unpaid leave days. 

There are others (420,000) who can work without pay: 88% of the Department of Homeland Security, including over 40,000 federal corrections and law enforcement officers.

Most ironic fact: the shutdown, which President Trump says is because Democrats don't care about Border Security, has a huge impact on border security officials, who work for the Dept. of Homeland Security.  President Trump said, "I will take the mantle.  I will be the one to shut it down. I'm not going to blame you (Pelosi and Schumer) for it."  

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Traditionally they are paid retro-actively as part of whatever measure comes out to re-fund the government.  So, they don't get paid during the shutdown, but they get paid for all the time they were told not to come to work once things are re-funded.  Sort of a paid vacation, except you have to wait until it's over to collect and in the meantime, well hopefully you've got enough built up to survive.  However, with the Orange Clown in charge who knows how it will play out.

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