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What are some things certain people do that will make you distrust them?

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As I've mentioned on here before, some people will deliberately lie to win an argument. From that point on I assume they are lying.

On the other hand. In my experience, people are constantly trying to catch you out. And you have always got to watch your back. Which is a shame.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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I know this is probably just an unfair prejudice...but I do not trust people who don't like animals. IMO there's something "off" about that. I don't mean if someone doesn't want to own a pet or take care of an animal because of the responsibility - I totally understand that.  But if they *don't like* animals at all, I think that says something about them - it's like they have a  lack of compassion or empathy or something...I can't quite put my finger on it. 

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I feel the exact same way, JPT.  I can't quite pinpoint the "why"/feeling but it just feels....creepy not to like animals.


HEY! Happy New Year, SO!! Hope you and yours had a nice holiday season. 

Yeah....it's tough to explain.  It's as if a dislike of animals is unnatural or something. I can understand not liking CERTAIN animals (i.e. lots of people don't like reptiles while I think they're cool!)  But how can you look at a dog, cat, horse, koala, elephant, wombat, cow, rhino etc etc ad nauseum...and NOT like them?  Maybe because it's so outside my own personal frame of reference. I come from a long line of animal-lovers on both sides of the family. Not liking animals is a foreign concept to all of us. 


I can look at a bear in front of me, and not like him/her. 

    But I do agree in general, most people that like animals, are kind people themselves. However that doesnt make them all kind. Some have pets to show off their breed or to use them for protection. 


Happy New Year to you too!  Best Wishes to you for 2019. 

Yeah I understand that some animals are intimidating/scary (rightfully so if they're predators) but like you said, everyday creatures? Come on.



Oh, I'm 100% in agreement with you about facing a bear - or any other dangerous animal that thinks I'm prey. That would be terrifying. But bears in general?  AWESOME. How can you not love those guys?


JPT understand totally


I must admit if someone doesn't like puppies or kittens, there's something seriously wrong.


Jpt, I am a nature lover in general.  However, I guess I might have been eaten by a bear in a previous life. Don't get me wrong, they are part of nature and I respect all animals. For some reason the fact that you can encounter them while in woods or parks here in NJ, that scares me. Of course there are tricks to avoid getting attacked by one, but that doesn't diminish the fact that an attack can still happen. One 22 yr old college student was mauled to death in a park not far from me about 3 yrs ago, while on a hike with his buddies. 

That's why. 

I don't think being scared of something automatically means you dislike it. I am scared shitless of mountain lions, but I also love them. See what I mean?

Amy, that kid had been eating fried food (1).  They saw the Bear (2).  He decided to stay and take pictures (3).  City kid stupid, he deserved to be eaten (4).  This had nothing to do with his being indian, or being drunk - those were contributing factors; aroogance and stupidity


Archer, who said anything about his being Indian being the cause of the problem? 

I read it was because the bear was hungry in a season (the fall) where they are preparing for their winter naps.  Yes, they had been eating and shouldn't have been in that reservation.

He deserved to be eaten?  I doubt it. 

JPT, yes I see what you mean. However, I do respect wild animals and acknowledge their right to live on the land. That doesn't mean I love them. I do love cats, dogs, and other tame animals. I see the beauty of animals such as lions, giraffes, etc, but I guess I'm not as much an animal lover as you are. 


Amy they were 3 Indian Students who had been drinking.  They did not act wisely or behave appropriately - stupidity



Nowhere in the article was drinking mentioned in the autopsy performed on Patel.  Pictures yes, drinking no. I doubt the couple who also saw the bear were drinking too. 

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When I've seen people act two-faced with others, like from a distance if I notice them act cool with someone when they're talking, but as soon as that person turns around and walks away, they roll their eyes or bad-mouth that person. 
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How they talk about others is how they will talk about you when you are not around. 

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When I see that they say things that I find out are not truthful. Or if they just have that personality type, that you just know they are not trustworthy. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Lying, even if it is about something small.

If they can lie about small things, what means they can't lie about other things?

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

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Exactly, Curious!

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When my dogs, past & present, do not like someone I tend to be wary.  Only once in 30 years have my dogs been wrong.

How someone talks about the World and Others.  Little cues here like negativity towards any and all.  Subtle hints which I cannot describe.

People who aggressively invade my personal space

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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