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That should work.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Who knew from outside the U.S. that these things happen? If Trump hadnt been elected I'd still not be paying any attention. My ears would prick up at the G whatever summit or if the POTUS was making war noises, but this really is fascinating. When they kicked the Brits out they sure decided they were going to do it differently lol

Peace through peace.

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It's like watching Fawlty Towers. Don't mention the war.


"It's like watching Fawlty Towers"

...if Basil Fawlty had nukes......

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In Trump's brain, it makes perfect sense to shut down all the departments that protect the border and US security because he can't get a wall that he says will accomplish protecting the border and US security. Download crazy 19
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The President is in good standing with the majority, and Pelosi and Schumer will cave with "enhanced fencing"... whatever you wanna call it.

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No, they are digging their heels and will not cave in as you say. 


"The President is in good standing with the majority"

No, he's not. He's really not. Please turn off Hannity before your brain rots.

Most Americans agree that we need better border security. They also mostly agree that a wall will NOT provide better border security. 

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repeating a previous response...

Trump is the most corrupt President ever.  The wall/barrier/fence is a boondoggle to appease his racist base.  I think the only way out of this mess is a full super DACA program and path to citizenship, along with an expansion of immigration rights and then, and only then, give Trump baby his silly wall so he'll give us our government back.

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I think eventually he will have to settle for what the Dems give him budget-wise.

   But agree with you 100% on what can be done. 

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You dont live here....people cant get housing and jobs do to people here illegally with FAKE ids...I cant. They come to MN and get welfare, free food, health care, cheap housing etc.... They milk the system. People like me are sick of it and voted Trump in to stop it.  Deal with it.

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And those same people pay taxes on the income they earn. 

Many are given a temporary social security number for the time they are employed. 

kmf1 - What kind of jobs? Picking lettuce for $4 a day? 16 hour days on an assembly line for $2 an hour? All with no benefits and unsafe working conditions you can't complain about? Greedy industry won't pay Americans a decent wage to do those jobs and Americans won't do them for the low wages that illegals will accept. Don't blame the illegals - this is 100% the fault of selfish pricks in business who undercut American workers so their CEO can get an extra million in his bonus. A wall won't do shit to stop any of that - and neither will Trump. 
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