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And it makes it worst knowing that a sociopathic misanthropic failure is crowing. Trump is actually enjoying causing this pain. Whoever voted to get this monster elected needs to hang their heads in shame.

Peace through peace.

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You are preaching to the choir. To quote a favorite AOR member "I hate to say I told you so" but I always knew that is the kind of amoral individual that Trump is - he's been a dick his entire adult life. I would've voted for Satan before I voted for him. 

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It's the fact that he is enjoying this that should at least make his cult sit up.. these are real people not getting paid...who can cope with that.. 


His cult will NEVER "sit up." Never. 

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lol The idiot is saying it's not a shutdown, it's doing what's best for the country. What a load of crap.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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This country is FULL of illegals. Not so in your country, I guess....in my state they get free food, housing and health care...I get shit for free..... People elected Trump for this reason.

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People elected Trump to live indefinitely without pay and work indefinatly for free? Bollocks,  you best get working your arse off to pay more tax cause there is going to be many many more looking for free food and free accommodation. And guess what? They won't be brown....


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You don't know what hardship is.  If you want to see hardship, check out North Korea and how those pitiful citizens are forced to live.   Please elaborate on the hardship I am suffering.

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Are you a federal employee? 


I used to be, retired now.


So you are not affected, there is nothing to elaborate on

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