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honestly believes that The Wall will not be built?  Our President will find a way to do it... with or without Nancy.  If worse comes to worse HE WILL declare a national emergency and go around Congress to protect the USA.  It will be well under way if not finished by November 2020.  The majority of taxpaying Americans WANT the Wall, and Thank Goodness that we have a President that does not cave on what he campaigned (and was elected) upon! MingAGA! KAG!

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9 Answers

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The wall will not be built. It won't happen. If it couldn't get approved in the last 2 years with a 100% GOP-controlled government, it won't get approved now.

And even if it is approved, the number of lawsuits from land-owners whose property would be co-opted, and from environmental groups, would keep it tied up in court for decades. . 

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jp maybe in your country, but here our leaders GET THINGS DONE! ICWTSITYS


JPT, does he mean in your country as in the real world? 


WF - " your country..."???

Last I heard Arizona is part of the United States of America - the same country I was born in and in which I have resided since birth. So did Arizona secede from the union since yesterday or something?

Other than that, you're still wrong. 

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Is it a wall? Is it a fence,? Is it a bird? No it's MAGAMAN!!!!

If you see me jogging, kill whatever is chasing me

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You do realise 94% of illegal immigration in the US is caused by people flying in and staying on an expired visa. These people will never see the wall.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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I would argue with your percentage, but so what.  I am concerned with immigration, drugs, and human trafficking.  It will be well worth the financial investment in America.

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The Democrats do not want that wall, and in order for it to be approved you need 2/3 of the majority of Congress to vote for it, so no. 

However, with the way the president is throwing a tantrum and threatening to close the govt down some more, even for "years", then they may consider an alternative to a wall that may not cost as much, before he has a heart attack. 

Where did you get your information on saying "the majority" of Americans want the wall? Did you read a consensus or are you just making this up because it is your feeling the majority want it? I've seen no such thing on the news so my feeling is that's your opinion and not a fact. 

   My bad-- you need a bipartisan approval to have that bill pass in the Senate, not 2/3 of the majority. That only applies to some other actions such as impeachment, or getting rid of a member of Congress.  Still, without the democratic vote it will be a "no". 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Amy WAKE UP! I said the Majority that MATTER, and thus the electoral college.   Hello... in case you missed it DJT is PRESIDENT!


No, you said, "The majority of taxpaying Americans". -  Guess you've been learning to how to claim you said something different from what you really said from your dear leader.  -


WF,  you are saying that only Trump lovers matter. My answer to that is a great fat, NOPE. And Grin is right---  you are learning to lie like your leader. 

Please, calm down. 

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The wall will do nothing. Technique and technology work far greater than a physical obstacle. Not to mention how expensive it's going to be. You think we should fork out billions of dollars for a wall that will do nothing to prevent anything? 

Maybe it will happen, lots of really stupid and crazy shit happens all the time, moreso in America these days.

"I'll make sure to sin in as many entertaining ways as possible before I die." - Sheogorath

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An entire wall along the southern border will never be built.  It would cost several times, like 20 times, the crummy 5 billion the head bozo wants.  Trumpster is just trying to get a symbolic win.  And something he can use as an argument for more money.  But the idiot has no idea how to negotiate.  In negotiations, you have to give something to get something.  He acts like a terrorist.  Give me what I want or I blow up the plane.

But anyway it won't be built along the Rio Grande because the US isn't going to wall off the river from our side, giving Mexico the complete river.  Mexico will never give us the whole river either.  Additionally, Texas ranchers will never sell the width needed to build a wall.  But there are sections that will be built.  Places easy to drive up to, that give a good photo op will get some sort of barrier.  Once trumpster gets over his temper tantrum, he will get something.

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By the time 2020 rolls around he'll claim it's done and magnificent even if it's just a couple miles worth of caution tape.  That's the way he rolls...

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I don't think the wall will ever be completed.  Trumps presidency will end before that happens, unless they get really busy with it or he being re-elected.  I'm neutral on him, don't hate him, don't love him.

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If I was Nancy, I would sell him the idea of laser wall. Then give him 5 bucks to buy those laser pointers. He won't know any better. He may be happier that he got something technologically advanced. Kinda ties with his space force idea. 
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