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A name to remember: a Trump-devised company that only existed to help Frank Trump siphon money to Donnie and his siblings. 

So Trump was never a self-made billionaire man, it seems. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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smilie_girl_231.gif Happy New Year!

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Ahahaha!!!!  Same to you!

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It's even doubtful that Trump is a billionaire at all. His father gave him over 400 million and he pissed it into the wind. He has been surviving by syphoning off his foundation charity. 

The man thinks he's a Don, he is as mad as the old king and you know what America did to him.

Peace through peace.

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How you get your billion doesn't really matter.  El Chappo is or was a billionaire.  Stealing the money counts.  Donnie is a crook, and like Chappo, probably doesn't really know how much money he has.  Billionaire sounds good to him, so that's what he claims.  Proving tax fraud is quite tough.  But the accountant is helping the investigation.

I have read a number of accounts that out his actual wealth at far below a Billion.  Creditable accounts.

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I think it's laundering Russian money that will be what gets him...


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It will be that and some other things, I'm sure. There will be a list!

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You are what you believe you are. Confidence is the key. Who cares what others think.

I don't think him lying about his wealth is the problem though.  

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Well, his lying about his wealth may not be a problem to others, sure. But the actual habit of lying about many things, is a problem to the country as a whole, and he has done it quite a bit for the entirety of his presidency. Lying brings forth mistrust.

He is "the best" everything, according to himself. 


I agree with you on other lies, which are much bigger problems than his wealth.

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