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I reckon a good salesman could sell that for 5 bn to a Russian billionaire no problem.

Problem solved.. 

I am a stable genious 

Peace through peace.

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Funny thing is that congress will approve 10 bn to buy it back. 

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Ok, then just sell the inscription. After all, it's irrelevant now 


And 100 years from now it will make for a good story for Nicholas Cage's grandkids. 


That long? I know he is causing considerable damage to America and I know it will take a while to fix but 100, that's a new idea and you are the first to offer it.

Ok I'll go with that.. 100 years for 4..

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I could sell her but I wouldn't. My gosh, that is sacrilege. I think she stands for something. She is still standing isn't she? They haven't torn her down too have they? OMG!! What is this country coming to? 

I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received. ~Antonio Porchia

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Depends on the form you sell her in. As scrap she's worth hardly anything with how low copper and steel prices are.

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$2.40 a  pound  for 450,000 pound of statue..

She could be used,as an electric fence!!! 

I think there is at least 4 on this site who would agree to that 


Now there's an idea, it'll stand in as the necessary phallic symbol to stroke over-bloated egos long enough to reopen the government so the families who have been going without pay can begin being paid again.

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