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I have been given a question, which I am asked to identify cells based on their chemical compound measurements. One of them (organism 3) is as follows :

ATP: 500

NADH: 410

NADPH: 200

FADH2: 100

Ethanol: 1

What type of singular organism would have NADH and NADPH? I know NADH is used in cellular respiration and NADPH is used in photosynthesis, but, are they ever used in tandem?

Correct me if I am wrong: The first organism is likely an anaerobic organism like bacteria or yeast because it appears to be undergoing alcoholic fermentation. The second could be any aerobic animal because there is evidence of cellular respiration. 

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I admire you guys that study so hard and excell in math and chemistry. I really do. Those were my worst subjects. I just didn't get. So I guess you can tell that I don't know what you are talking about. When I first read how it was written my first thought was that the P moved to a new "pool" for obvious reasons.  I know it is rather corny, but you must realize that that came to me in like 2 seconds. I thought it was a joke until I read what was inside. No joke huh? 

Sorry man. Maybe next time I will be able to help in some way. This is just not my forte. Good Luck.

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Hey on first reading I thought it said "How could one orgasm..."


LOL!! I can see that happening, and even making sense.

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All organisms do cellular respiration, but only producers like plants do photosynthesis.  Thus, I'd say it's some kind of plant.

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I say it's a type of bacteria that can have both during certain life processes. 

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Please do your own homework. You'll learn more that way. 

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