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Doesn't sound very equal opportunities to me.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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The gender pay gap is a myth. It has been disproven again and again and again but feminists cling to the myth because victimhood gives them meaning. And their Low-T White Knight enablers cling to it because they hope it will get them the female attention that they so desperately crave.

If it were true, why would anyone ever hire a man again if hiring women saved them so much in the bottom line? The gap does not factor in career choices, nor does it factor in that women are more likely to leave the workforce for a period of time to raise children.

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Wow, this Low-T White Knight rant that is full of holes and relies on unproved abstractions like "unpaid housework" and "it's just discrimination" sure is convincing. I think I will start writing some checks today.


"Low-T White Knight" (aka "betas") - new buzzwords to describe men who respect women. The terms are often used by threatened guys who hilariously call themselves "alphas."  Sometimes it's used by incel douche-bags who think they're entitled to boink supermodels, even though they, themselves, weigh 350 pounds and live in their mothers' basements. It's right up there with complaining about "Chads" and "Staceys." 

The obsession with testosterone is weird. Women don't run around judging each other on how much estrogen they have or how long their periods last...

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At my last job, where I worked for nearly 30 years, we always had more women employees than men - there were times when the 3 partners were the only males in the company. We once asked the senior partner why he hired so many women and his reply was  "Women work harder for less money."  

No, Jophus, it's not a myth. "Low-T White Knight enablers" is what incel losers call men who respect women. 

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What a Tarball question Blue, sticky very sticky.  I will sort of agree with JPT on this.  Here is a fast go:

1. Women where historically paid less than men because they were expected to leave the workforce when they got married, had kids etc.  They were not expected to stick in their career or vertical. 

2. In equal retail/factory jobs women were not considered the bread winner, only supporting themselves so lower pay.  When women started breaching the professional ranks same thinking applied. That model started changing mid 90's.

3. Initial pay predicates later pay, a vicious cycle.  Ivies, elites and track Universities (Harvard, Stamford, Brown, Oxford, Stamford) graduates always were paid more initially than Non's,  Ivy women were recruited at the same pay as Ivy Men,

Non Women & Men were recruited at salary band Widths below that of Ivies, Elites & Tracks. They were also recruited at different salary Band Widths  based upon the school and perceived social class.  Consequently the apparent disparity in pay grades.

4.  Most Ivy, Elite and Track women bail out of the Workforce early to raise families and enjoy the fruits of their Education achievement.  When they check out there are great disparities.

5.  Most jobs are drone jobs, so when you are into cost containment Organizations hire the cheapest Drones possible - women.  Men have limited chances unless they are minority.  Minorities are as cheap as the women.

Voila JPT's observation is proved.  I have seen it in too many organizations.  Protected classes are hired after the Elites, then it is cheap drones.  Democracy in action

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Women are more desperate for a job than men.  Corporations are always looking for the cheapest labor except at the CEO position.  Then the sky is the limit.

But for any opening there is always a discussion about how little the person will take.  Historically, women will take less.   So, they get less.  This occurs at all levels.  Women actors get laid less than men.  Women engineers, my field, get paid less than men.  I was once on a general labor job and we got paid the same as the women.  But it was minimum wage.  My guess is that if it were possible, they would have paid the women less.

Generally it is illegal to compare salaries in companies.  Comparing promotes unrest.  But overall women are treated more poorly.  Strangely even where the human resources group is run by women.  In engineering, there is always a pay range for any job opening.  Women from the same school as a man, with the same degree, and about equal achievement, will start at the bottom of the pay range, the man somewhat higher.  Unless there is a special circumstance.

After I graduated and started my first job with a govt contractor, the government decreed that every contractor need to have some women engineers.  The company had to go to a local university and attempt to hire all of the graduating women engineers.  There was some frantic bidding, but they were sucessful.  The women were all being paid more than us guys who had been there a while.  The company gave all of us guys a raise so we would be closer to equal with the women.  It would not have happened if the situation were reversed.

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There is the thinking that they can save money this way, simply put.

 Women have always played a lesser role in this world, and its worse in other parts than in the US and Europe.  They were  paid less as it was their place to stay in the home to raise children and allow men to be the bread winners.  That stuck and we are still at the bottom doing the same jobs as men. 

When you think about it, we have come a long way but it's taken too long for us to get here. We weren't allowed to vote until 1920. In your country it was 2 years earlier. In Arabia women have just been given the right to drive. That says much about that country and it's feelings towards women as a whole. It's taken too long for women to be allowed to attend colleges and study to be what they wanted to become. The struggle was slow and it still goes on.

Barefoot and pregnant is a term men created to keep women in the home and in their places.  It's a joke, but there's much truth in it and the way we are treated. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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