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Years ago, Manafort showed and led Ukranians taking care of voting.machines how the machines there could be "managed" to go in a politician's favor. As a result, somehow his political friend Victor Yanokovych became president of the Ukraine ( but later he was ousted). Now,  because of an error in the redacting of names in his lawyers reports, there is some light shed on why Manafort was such a mysterious figure during the Trump campaign.


The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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3 Answers

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Hard to say No Collusion anymore.  Now Donny will claim he didn't know about it.

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Yes. This helps Mueller very much. Get ready for a roller coaster of ride. 

    I just bet this will be made into a movie. I vote DeNiro to play Mueller. 



Which Republican will have the balls (no gender slight intended) to start the rebellion?  God save us all if nobody steps up.

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Funny how the truth comes out in the end.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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I have to wonder why Manafort's lawyers seem to be so inept. "Forgetting" to redact that kind of information is unbelievable. I'm halfway inclined to think they're making these "mistakes" on purpose because they're secretly ashamed of defending traitors and they WANT this information to be made public. 

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This was a docket that was about Manafort, and they are getting careless. It wasn't all the names, but some that were accidentally shown. Of course this got into Mueller' s hands and now he's got more information which is good for his case. 

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