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US shutdown: Trump renews national emergency threat over wall


Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Everybody knew Trump was unable to govern,they  told him, they told the people who voted for him and no one cared.

However, as Trump exposes himself as incompetent on a daily basis he has taken it upon him self to prove once and for all he can't govern.

Peace through peace.

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I feel for those not getting paid. I have been through tough times in life. Not knowing how you will pay your rent or provide basic necessities in life is not very comforting. It's so stupid to shutdown government and so many American jobs over migrants trying to cross border to get low paying jobs.
What a shame.

And it completely boggles my mind that absolutely nobody from Republican party, the so called "Grand" old party, is standing up to this man.

How can one man's ego be so important? 

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I hope he does declare a national emergency! I would LOVE to see him try to explain to the courts why the border is such an emergency NOW, but it wasn't an emergency when the GOP was in 100% power just ONE WEEK ago. Trump is a tool of the highest order and Mitch McConnell is right behind him.

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AND.... we're THERE!!!! 

Is there a prize?

(If there is, it is most likely won by Trump, and it's the Booby Prize!

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Such a sad state of affairs.  Under the guise of protecting the American public, he is doing exactly the opposite.  Holding Americans hostage because he can't have his way.

It's bad enough to shut the Government's doors, but I feel bad for those in excepted service.  Not only are they currently not getting paid, but they still have to eat the cost of getting to work with the money they have left.

I think about those families with children and only one breadwinner.  What do the parents do who didn't get paid on Friday, and no longer have money to pay for their childcare, but are excepted employees and are expected to work for free?

This shutdown has such far reaching effects.  :(

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If the Federal workers can't be paid, neither should ANY of Congress.

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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