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No they won't. Trump could go on T.V right now, look his base in the eye  and say.

My fellow Americans, it's breaking my heart that our federal employees are suffering, I will open the government right now and fight the  dam dems even harder.

Or something like that.

His base would say  Hey Gabriel, get off that seat, you need to move....

Peace through peace.

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Can't see Trump's base turning against him. They're more likely to go the other way. These people will go to ridiculous lengths to agree with what Trump is doing. If they weren't so serious it would be funny.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Exactly, he is win win as his cult would forgive him anything and blame everyone else. Even if they found him with his hand in the till 

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But it started as an appeasement to his base.  The deplorables.  But now it has gotten personal.  The Trumpster just doesn't want to seem a looser.  He is of course but he hates the appearance.

And being a terrorist negotiator, give me the money or I blow everything up, he has no ability to compromise.  He has never made a counter offer.  Like asking what it would take to get the money so that the democrats can also save face.  

His supporters, trumps jock strap if you will, have no where else to go.  They have to hold his balls and and  kiss his ass or they have nothing. 

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Yes, it started as a "memory device" he used in his campaign speeches when he forgot what he was going to say; he would just talk "WALL" for a few minutes and then he would swerve back to the road he wanted to follow.

Over time, he started with a figure of $4 billion, and then in successive speeches, upped the cost of the wall in much the same manner that McCarthy changed the number of Communist infiltrators he "knew" were in the U.S. government.  Those numbers went from $4- to $5- to $6- to $8- to $10- to $18- to $20 billion by 18 Jan 2018.

In 2016, he held up a little kid to the podium microphone at one of his speeches because he wanted the little boy to repeat his question, "What are you going to build the wall out of?"   Trump's answer was "Hardened concrete. Strengthened with rebar."   Now, of course, Trump is claiming, "I never said it is going to be a concrete wall."

Forget the FACT that the tax package gives millions and millions to the top 1% of the wealthy and the largest of the corporations; Trump supporters saw that over the course of a year, they were getting a whole car payment out of the deal, not caring that the benefit is set to expire in a year or two.  Forget the fact that the trade war he started is affecting farmers in the midwest (Trump's "base") more than others.  Forget the fact that he refused to implement the sanctions that his own Republican Congress set in place on Russian almost unanimously (of 435 representatives in the House and 100 senators in the Senate, only 5 votes against).  Forget the fact that his campaign chairman, he National Security Advisor, his personal attorney, and several other Trump associates, have been indicted, convicted, and in some cases, are already serving their sentences. Forget the fact that he has lied--outright lied, not even BENDING the truth--literally thousands of times over the last 2 years.  Forget that he promised to bring back coal--and has added about 2000 coal jobs--only to see overall coal production (and the world's demand) has gone down. Forget...  well, no sense beating a dead horse any further here...

The latest "news bombshell" is that the FBI, shortly after the firing of James Comes, became so alarmed at Trump's behavior as President that they initiated a counter-intelligence investigation to see if his actions were in fact equivalent with being a willing or unwilling asset for Russia.  Not just the election stuff, but for what he did as a threat to national security.  Trump and his minions will undoubtedly portray this as a product of the corrupt "Deep State" and the corrupt FBI and the corrupt Justice Department in an all-out effort to FRAME the President because he is just doing "too good of a job for the liberal left losers."

In point of fact--well, MY view, anyway--if the House were to pass Articles of Impeachment, I am not at all sure that 20 Republican Senators would stand up against Trump no matter WHAT Mueller's investigation yields.  Mueller could report that he has solid EVIDENCE that Trump back-channeled with Russia, directed his staff and officials to work with Russian oligarchs and intelligence agents, committed financial fraud in the campaign, committed crimes that would yield jail terms, and MORE.  But the Senate might adopt the arguments in the above paragraph, and he would not be impeached.  In fact, he would be even MORE empowered and would almost certainly be able to rally his base to get himself re-elected in 2020.

So... the WALL?  peanuts or less.  The "BASE" will forgive (by not believing) charges of TREASON.

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Trump's base will NEVER turn on him. Not for any reason. First of all, they won't believe anything bad about him, so matter how much proof is given to them, and secondly, if they finally concede he did or said something bad, they find an excuse as to why it was OK for him to do it. NOTHING he does will turn them. Nothing. They're like religious zealots, they're that scary. 

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